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I Work for a Living


I don’t write a lot on here about my job and I’m not sure why. Things are actually going pretty well for me at work and there are several things I can talk about but I just don’t. Here are some updates.

I got promoted. That was exciting. My new title is Associate Director of Digital Operations. Fancy, huh? There are two people that report to me now and I promise I won’t abuse my new power. I have to order new business cards. I don’t know what to do with the old ones. I still have a bunch left because they give you a big box full of them so you don’t have to re-order them all that often. What do people do with the old ones? It seems like such a waste to just throw them out.

In related news, I participated in a recruitment video this week. Someone in HR asked if I’d be interested in being a part of it and I figured why not. I was told to wear a vibrant color that I’m comfortable with. “Vibrant” is not a word I would use to describe my vocabulary. I ended up wearing a blue shirt. No one complained. I was the second person to be filmed so I came in as the first person was finishing up. They asked her a question, I don’t remember what, but she gave a great answer to it. You can tell it was great because everyone turned to each other and nodded a lot. One of them wrote something down. I just thought “Crap. There is no way that I’m going to be able to respond to questions like that.” All I wanted to talk about was how I’m the mayor of the office on Foursquare and I get to eat free cookies a lot. The questions I was asked did not pertain to those aspects of my job at all.

I had to sit in this oversized chair for the video. I was already uncomfortable. The camera crew was setting up the shot and they were talking about me. I could only hear mutters of what they were saying but it was stuff like “He needs to move like this.” or “He should move that there.” I finally told them that if they needed me to do something to just tell me and I’ll do it. That started a process of trying to figure out how to get my shirt to not bunch up as I was sitting down. I didn’t notice the bunching but I guess it showed up weird on camera.

The whole experience lasted about 15 minutes. They said I did well but it feels like a blur now. I don’t think I gave that great of an interview, especially when I said that the thing I like the most about where the office is located is that I can eat outside when it’s nice out. I’ll share the final product when it makes it online if I’m in it at all.

So That’s What Stress Feels Like


I’ve never really let stuff get to me. Most things just flows right over me without bugging me too much. I never saw the point in getting stressed out about anything. I would get nervous about some things such as my wedding last year or the purchase of the house this year, but never really stressed. I think back when things were going to shit at SWMX my eye started twitching a little but I didn’t feel any different.

That changed recently. I thought I made a mistake at work the other day. It was a big one. I wasn’t sure of the details yet so I didn’t share it with anyone until I knew for sure because I didn’t want to cause a panic. Fortunately everything was OK but there was a day or two where I was worried and what I’m guessing is stressed out. My stomach was in knots and I felt like I constantly needed to take a deep breath. It was unlike anything I ever experienced. I lost my appetite and I generally did not feel good.

I’m glad I’m able to look back on it now with a sense of relief but also with an appreciation that the feeling was over. It’s also a kick in the ass somewhat to make sure that I’m always doing the best I can possibly do. There’s a lot of great things coming up in the next year and they’re mine to lose. Bring on 2012.

My Job Can Be Pretty Cool


I believe I’ve mentioned before that my job has its perks. I get invited to things like baseball games or private concerts in the city and I get knick-knacks like flash drives and notebooks. This past week has been extra cool though. A couple weeks ago my boss picked up a few iPads in an effort to get us better acquainted with the devices and learn about this stuff. Last night I got to take one of them home and play around with it.

The iPad is an interesting device and after having it for a few hours I still don’t know what I would do with one if I owned it. I don’t read magazines and I have a laptop so browsing isn’t really my thing. The comic book apps were interesting but I don’t think I’d replace the physical books for digital copies. There’s a lot more they can do with those apps too but they just haven’t brought them out yet in my opinion. Aside from that, Monica and I played a Bejeweled-like game for about an hour together. She had one half of the screen and I had another. That was fun.

Then there was today. I was taken out to lunch and I “didn’t have a say in the matter.” That certainly beats the Hot Pocket I had planned on eating. After lunch, I’m escorted into the conference room where most of the people I work with have congregated. There’s cake and cookies and a very large bag on the table. It was a Man Shower. I’ve seen baby showers and bridal showers and birthday parties at work but I haven’t seen a Man Bridal Shower. I was flattered. I seriously had not expected something like this and certainly not this big.

That big bag contained something from our wedding registry, specifically an Xbox 360. I had joked about this on several occasions but didn’t think anyone would get it for us, but yet here it was.

Now I need to come up with a GamerTag. “JamesFerguson” is already taken so that’s out. Any other suggestions?

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