Yes, this new came out yesterday, but who cares. This is my opinion on it now. Woo!

Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter broke some news about Sony looking to develop a spin-off to the Spider-Man franchise. This one would be focused on Venom, the symbiote infested Eddie Brock. A script was already commissioned, but the studio is shopping around for other possibilities.

Seeing as how fans were a little [re: a lot] disappointed in Venom’s screen time (or lack there of) in Spider-Man 3, I can see where the appeal would be. Venom is arguably the most popular Spider-Man villain. He was developed in the 90s when everything was big and out of control. He fit right in with that 90s “X-Treme” mentality. But does Venom really have a place in today’s cinema? What kind of movie could they make? And would they just be erasing the ending of Spider-Man 3 or would they claim that he (SPOILER) survived? (END SPOILER) Or will the symbiote travel to another host? There are a handful of possibilities, but I don’t see a clear plot line though. When Venom started out, he was an evil, people-eating crazy dude hellbent on Spider-Man’s destruction. Come to think of it, isn’t that what he’s always been really. Sure, there have been those times when he fought off other symbiote people, but aside from that he’s pretty much been focused on Spider-Man.

Adding to this movie idea, I like that the studio is looking for someone else to play Venom. Topher Grace was a poor choice for the character in Spider-Man 3. He just doesn’t have his acting chops yet and he certainly isn’t a strong enough actor to carry an entire movie on his back. Do some independent work and get some more films under your belt. People still think of you as Eric Foreman from That ’70s Show.

With the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie due out in May from Fox (plus another Origins film about Magneto on the way), you can see what Sony is thinking. Sure, they can (and probably will) make a Spider-Man 4, but there’s got to be other ways they can milk this franchise, right? I feel like everyone’s looking at Marvel Studios now. What are they doing? How did they come out of nowhere and pump out two blockbusters in the same summer? Why aren’t we doing that? I can only imagine how many more comic book movies are going to be popping up in the next two years as a result of this summer. I just hope that this doesn’t turn into another Elektra or heaven forbid Catwoman.