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Dear Bobby Flay, I Am Not a Lunatic


I went to the Scripps upfront presentation on Wednesday. For those that don’t know, Scripps owns a number of cable networks including HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel. An upfront presentation is when the network shows off the programs that are coming up in the new season in an attempt to get advertisers to shell out some cash. I’ve only been to one such event and I was interested in seeing what another company did.

When I got to the location and checked in, I saw that they had a few panels set up on either side of the room with hosts of popular Scripps shows on either side. I don’t have cable so I didn’t know who any of these people were. My Mom does though and she’s a big fan of the Food Network, so I got the idea that I would head over to whomever was there from the Food Network and see if I could get a short video of said celebrity saying hi to my Mom. I could then send her the video or upload it to Facebook and it would be great. The talent from the Food Network was Bobby Flay, host of numerous shows.

After all the hullabaloo died down, I got on line to get my picture taken with Mr. Flay. I waited patiently and then got up there and said hello. Someone took my picture and then I said the following “Can I ask you a favor? My Mom is a huge fan. Could you just say hi to her? I have my phone here…” and that’s when I was cut off by Flay’s handler. She said “Can we do the rest of the pictures first?” I said sure, that’s not a problem. Thank you! A couple more people went up to take a picture with the guy and then when they were set his handler promptly escorted him away.

It was about this time that I realized my grave mistake. I had intended to take a short video as there’s a camera in my phone. They probably thought I was going to call my Mom on the phone and hand it to Bobby Flay like some crazy person. No wonder they rushed him away as soon as the pictures were over. Needless to say, I was somewhat embarrassed by the whole experience. So, Bobby Flay, as I’m sure you’re reading this. Rest assured, I’m not a lunatic. I just wanted to get a video of you saying hi to my Mom.

Upfront Presentations? Fun Gifts, But Waste of Time


I work in the advertising business, specifically the buying of advertising on websites. I’ve been sitting in on a lot of presentations lately and I’ve found that the advertising world is very different in Television compared to Online. I’ve been involved with a ton of meetings and presentations from reps for various websites and they’re all a little different, but they all get to the point pretty quickly. Television is an entirely different animal though. I don’t know if it’s just because they’ve been doing the same thing for all these years or what, but there’s just so much wasted time there. Every other presentation has to be accompanied by lunch, like the vendor is paying for our attention while they show us a long drawn out slideshow filled with info on their upcoming programs and ideas. BOR-RING!

syfyCase in point, I sat in on the upfront presentation from SyFy a few weeks ago. While their PowerPoint presentation was rather impressive and filled with a lot of information, I forgot about most of it the moment I walked out of the conference room. The online stuff (the info that was actually important to me) was among the lost info because it was glazed over so quickly and it was treated like the red-headed step-child of the TV presentation. Oh yeah, we have websites or whatever and I guess you can buy advertising on them or not. Hey, remember when we had Battlestar Galactica? I do remember that, sir. But what have you done for me lately? Oh, thanks for the webcam though (Seriously, I’ve already got one of these, so if you want a webcam, let me know.) (more…)

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