A few months back I became a fan of Universal Studios Home Entertainment on Facebook. I did this solely because they were giving away Blu Rays every day throughout the month of January. That was it. I had no other attachment to Universal Studios. Sure, I probably own a ton of their movies on DVD, but I own a ton of movies on DVD from just about every studio there is. Anyway, I ended up winning one of the Blu Ray prize packs they were giving away. After some time, I finally received them. Four Blu Rays free of charge. Not a bad deal.

Some time passed and I didn’t “Un-Fan” Universal despite their occasional posts that I didn’t really have any need for. Then recently, Universal added a new feature. You could vote on what you thought their next Blu Ray release should be and in exchange for your vote, you’d receive a coupon for $5 off your next Universal Blu Ray. I cast my vote right away (The Big Lebowski natch) and went to print out my coupon. Unfortunately, I did so while I was at work and in order to print out the coupon I’d have to install a coupon downloader program which I was unable to do on my work computer. I figured I’d just check it out when I got home from work but I was locked out. It seems that once I voted, regardless of whether or not I printed my coupon, the site locked me out. Oh well.

Then a couple days pass and I see another post from Universal in my news feed about the coupon. Some guy is running his mouth about how he can’t believe that a company would ask their fans to install spyware on their computers in order to print out coupons. I took it upon myself to reeducate this guy explaining that the program is definitely not spyware. It is instead a program that’s used by a variety of big name companies including Disney and General Mills and it’s designed to regulate the amount of coupons that are given out. Plus it’s a way to prevent people from printing out multiple copies of the coupon. I mentioned in my post that I couldn’t print out the coupon because I voted at work. That was the end of it.

Then out of the blue I receive a message from someone presumably from Universal. They saw my comment on their post and wanted to make sure I got my coupon. I emailed them back and received a direct link to download the coupon. And with that, I had my coupon.

The whole thought of this impressed me. At this time, Universal has over 130,000 fans and each of their posts receives dozens and dozens of comments. While certainly not gigantic numbers, I was surprised that my little comment received the attention it did. That meant that someone went through and read all of the comments, found mine and responded to it.

Now, I work in advertising, specifically in the online space. Not a day goes by where I’m not asked about social media including Facebook. Since this area of the online world is an ever-growing and changing section, it’s tough to just say that this is what they should do and this is how much it should cost. The main thing I’ve learned though is that you need to be consistent and diligent. You can’t just put up a Facebook page and leave it alone. Honestly, there almost needs to be someone who’s sole responsibility is keeping Facebook and Twitter up to date. I’m glad to see that Universal is so on top of that and I wish that there were more companies that were doing so.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Blu Ray shopping to do.