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Newspapers Never Seemed So Cool (11/11/2008)


I’m up at 6:30 to the alarm clock and I had a weird dream that involved visiting my college radio station, WFNP. I walked around and the current students actually knew who I was. The Legend of 2 Fast 2 Ferguson lives on!

Monica and I get on with our morning. We finish up the second season of The Batman. It’s a fun show, but it’s definitely no Batman: The Animated Series. Still good though.

I get to work around 8:30. Nothing all that special to report here.

I jump into a meeting at 11, that was supposed to start at 10:30. I meet Michelle from TravelAgent magazine. She’s in to talk to the print group, but there’s digital stuff to discuss too. I’m the only one there from the web group. Represent. I sit in there for about 15 minutes before being pulled into another meeting. (more…)

I’ve Won This Battle Against Traffic, But Not the War…Yet (11/7/2008)


It’s 6:30 AM and the alarm clock is buzzing. It’s immediately shut off, but neither myself nor Monica makes a move to get out of bed. We end up sleeping in for another 25 minutes. I get up and shower and then we watch some Batman before heading out.

The office holds a rather slow work day for me on this Friday. I take care of a few things and then try to stay busy. There’s a Crocs sale going on in the nearby conference room. I don’t understand those things. They look really f’ing stupid so I just don’t get why people buy them and why so many people are doing so. Weird. (more…)

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