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Internet Superstars to TV Reference


OK. Check this out. I want you to watch this. You’ve probably seen it already, but watch this.

This video has almost 28 million views on YouTube right now. One of those millions of views hit someone at The Office as this past week we saw this:

I think this is awesome. Yes, there have been bits and pieces of stuff from YouTube that has floated into network Television (the Star Wars kid spoof in Arrested Development is the first and funniest that comes to mind) but I think this is so great. Television shows have spoofed and made jokes at all these aspects of pop culture from movies to radio to commercials and now the Internet is making this influence and with user generated content no less! So seriously, does anyone want to sponsor my wedding? I’ll do something like this if someone wants to sponsor it. No joke.

In other news, this should be a further kick in the ass for myself to actually film something.

Change We Can’t Believe In [The Office]


Is it just me or has The Office seen a pretty steady decline in hilarity over the course of this season? Sure, there are still laugh-out-loud moments, but they’re not hitting nearly as much as they did before and when I do laugh, it’s not as hard or as long as before. I’m sad. I think that overall I’m just not that pleased with this season. It’s the season of change…or rather how the showrunners are terrified of it. Let’s take a look.


New Boss Brings a Lot of Wha-Huh? [The Office]


I meant to write an article about last week’s episode but I forgot so now I’m diving into this week’s “New Boss.” Michael is in the middle of preparing the festivities for his 15th Anniversary celebration when he’s interrupted by Charles, the replacement for Jan and Ryan’s position who actually wants to do work like a normal person. A huge conflict follows and some surprises round out the episode. This left me with a lot to talk about.


The Office: What Happened Here?


So lots of stuff happened in the past two weeks for our Office co-workers. Let’s take a look at some of the major things here though.

So with Holly’s unfortunate transfer, the logical thing to happen would be the return of Toby. Somehow Michael went a full week without notices the guy was back. His reaction to this horrible truth was perfect though. Just a full fledged scream of “NO!” held for as long as the camera could take it. Poor Toby. He was really put through the ringer here. Sure, he went to Costa Rica, but aside from the fact that he wasn’t working there really wasn’t much to be excited about what with his injuries and all. Then he comes back and Ryan and Kelly are making out in the next cube and no one cares about his pictures and Michael and Dwight try and frame him for having an illegal salad in his desk. The guy should take some anger lessons from Andy. Let’s see some rage or at least a backbone out of you, Toby! (more…)

The Office: Please Don’t Break Up My PB&J


So can we take a minute and talk about last night’s episode of The Office? I really wasn’t impressed with last week’s “Employee Transfer” but this episode was just firing on all cylinders (Did I just make a car reference? Or is that a reference to a gun? I honestly don’t know what it’s a reference to, but I thought it would be applicable here). “Customer Survey” was just great. It touched on the major characters leaving folks like Stanley and Meredith in the background. Even without a strange remark from Creed, the show was still pretty damn good.

Let’s see what we had to work with. The episode started out with Michael trying to put a band-aid on his broken heart by lying to his co-workers. Instead of explaining what happened last week with Holly, he told them that they were engaged. That’s the logical next step, right? Surprisingly, his employees were excited and happy for him. Maybe they all care about him even if it’s just a little bit. Unfortunately for Michael, a call to his mom brought the truth out and that was the last we heard about it. I didn’t like how this thread was just dropped. If the first few episodes of this season has taught me anything, it’s that Michael has indeed found a soul mate in Holly. Let’s hope that they find a way to get back together. (more…)

James Knows…TV: The Office: Episode 3 – Baby Shower


Each episode of The Office walks a fine line between incredibly awkward and absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, there are some occasions where the show just falls into the strange and almost not funny abyss. I felt that last night’s episode “Baby Shower” had a few such falling moments. That’s not to say that the episode wasn’t good. It basically redeemed itself in the end, but the entirely unwarranted testing of Jan’s stroller by Dwight and Jan singing for no damn reason in the middle of her baby shower just left me on the edge of my seat, but not in a good way. I was sitting there waiting for the twist. Where is it? You’re supposed to have something weird happen followed by something that’s really funny. But the funny part didn’t come. Sure, Dwight had a few fun lines during this road test, but it just felt entirely out of place. (more…)

Office Supplies – Dunder Mifflin Returns! (“Weight Loss”)


It’s back! It’s back! Oh, happy day! The Office is back! I didn’t realize how much I missed the show until 30 seconds before it started when I was sitting on my bed with my knees held up to my chest and a big smile on my face. I felt like a little kid.

Surprisingly, this episode jumped right to the theme song instead of giving us a little clip to whet our appetites at first. Fortunately after the theme song, it jumped right in to the fun and just kept going. For the first time we were shown what the summer is like at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Usually the first episode of the season just jumps into the fall and skips the summer. This time we were treated to some summertime fun. There was a company wide contest. Whichever branch lost the most weight was given some extra vacation time. Hilarity ensues. (more…)

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