If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m a rather fussy eater. I don’t eat fruit or vegetables or fish. I know what I like and that’s what I go for. Very rarely am I adventurous enough to try new things when it comes to regular food. Fast food and junk food are another matter entirely though. I am a connoisseur of fast food. When the McGriddle came out, I HAD to try it. It was a sandwich made with pancakes! How could that go wrong? When Pepsi came out with Retro Pepsi, made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, I spent days searching for a bottle before finally finding some at the Hess gas station down the road.

This brings me to my latest quest. I’ve heard talk about this Shamrock Shake from McDonalds that’s only offered during the month of March to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day. I got it in my head that I had to give this a whirl. Last week I had a meeting in the city so on the way to the train station I stopped by the McDonald’s but they didn’t have it. While I was in the city I swung by another location to come up shamrock-less. I was puzzled. How could they not carry it? Is it not close enough to the Irish holiday? Is it something that’s only carried by certain locations? If so, where are those locations?

A few days later I turned to Google and found this website dedicated to the Shamrock Shake. It appears that the shake has a cult following of sorts with many people looking forward to it each year. The site has a section dedicated to Shake Sightings. I narrowed my search by state and found that the shake had been spotted in Nanuet. So in the pouring rain I made my venture out there after work and found my prize.

Shamrock Shake Success!

Was it worth the trouble? For my initial taste of the Shamrock Shake, I’d have to say yes. I didn’t drive miles and miles to get it, nor did I climb mountains or swim across oceans. I drove about 5 minutes partially out of my way on my way home. I’ve had mint milkshakes before, but they tasted like toothpaste. This one does not. Nor is it just a vanilla milkshake with green food coloring. It’s definitely minty. I don’t know if that’s Irish or if that’s how shamrocks taste though. I think I want to pick up one more before they go back into hibernation for another year. That should settle my craving.

Up next? The Waffle Sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts.