So The Dark Knight has been out for three weeks and it’s made over $400 million. It’s set to make even more in the rest of it’s theatrical run. Yes, I thought it was a great film and yes, I saw it twice. There’s plenty to talk about the film as there was just so much to it. That doesn’t seem to be enough for people though. While the film’s only been out for three weeks, they’re already talking about the sequel. Seriously? Give it a little while to cool off first. Do you really think that the writers or director Christopher Nolan have anything written down yet? Do you think they’ve already cast anybody outside of the returning characters for the next film (which I’ll admit has to come to fruition)? If I was any of them I’d be drinking Kool-Aid out of a big mug made out of crushed sports cars and sitting on a giant pile of cash like Scrooge McDuck. Yeah, we’ll make a sequel. Just let me finish the next few laps around my huge bank vault first.

I realize that by posting about this I’m creating some sort of Catch-22 black hole self-repeating loop, but I don’t care. There’s all this talk now about who will be the next villain in the third film. I don’t believe any of it for the reasons I mentioned above. It’s too soon. That won’t stop the rumor train though. The Dark Knight is big news right now and any news, even false and horribly incorrect news is bound to get readers. Hell, I’m sure that this post will get some hits just because I said the name of the film and the word “sequel.” Despite the fact that it’s been proven that one of the rumors mentioned in the Yahoo blurb is false, that won’t stop people from writing about it like it was fact.

I just don’t understand why people can’t just enjoy the movie for what it is. Why do we need to be so concerned about the sequel now? Even if we found out the complete details of the next film including the plot and who’s playing who we won’t see anything for at LEAST two years when a teaser trailer might pop up. Then we’d have another six months to a year to wait for the actual film. So why rush to get the information now if we’re not even going to be able to do anything with it aside from saying “Man, that’s going to be cool!” for years?