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Adorable Kittens Version 2.0


It’s no secret that we’ve had some bad luck when it comes to pets. Despite that, Monica and I wanted to get another pair of kittens. We spoke with the same cat rescue place that we used last time and set everything up some time ago. After the horrible experience we went through we wanted to make sure that any kittens that came into our home were as safe as possible. We cleaned everything we possibly could and had the kittens vaccinated. We were able to pick them up a week or two after we got back from our honeymoon.

Meet our new kittens, Darwin and Nolan. Darwin is the tabby and slightly smaller than his brother Nolan. They’re from the same litter and they’re now about 15 weeks old.

They’ve been home for a few weeks and so far they’re doing well. We have had some minor difficulties though. Nolan came down with a parasite that caused him to just kind of leak diarrhea out of his ass. Everywhere he went he’d leave these little drops of poop. This resulted in a lot of cleaning on our part and just trying to keep up with him. At night we’d isolate him in the bathroom because it was the one room that we could actually close up. Every morning I’d have to clean the entire bathroom and then I’d have to clean the cat. It was an experience. Fortunately his pooper stopped leaking yesterday and it was a glorious day.

Now they’re just being kittens and it’s great.

And the Other Shoe Drops


I know that my blog has been all doom and gloom over the past couple weeks. I’m almost done though, I swear. I hope that this is the last sad post I have to make. You’ve been warned about this one though.

4048798794_e4418b814fWhen we last left our heroes, they had just been in a car accident. Shaken but otherwise OK, we made our way home. Juno seemed a little out of it that day. She moved around and we got her to eat, but she just didn’t seem herself. I was somewhat worried that she might be coming down with what Drizzle had, but she was at least eating which was a big difference. I did some research and found that cat depression is a somewhat common occurrence when a cat loses a companion as Juno did when her sister passed away earlier this week. The symptoms matched up perfectly too. Plus, the vet had just given Juno a clean bill of health on Thursday.

Saturday came and went. Juno was still a little out of it. We grew more concerned. Maybe it wasn’t the depression. Sunday night came and Juno hadn’t eaten. We gave her some water through a straw just to make sure she got something and made plans to bring her to the vet in the morning. That night she threw up a few times. Now all signs were pointing to the same thing that Drizzle had. (more…)

Goodbye Drizzle


I am incredibly thankful for everyone that rallied together for our kitten cause last night and this morning. With the help of several kind and generous friends we raised approximately $500 to help pay for the insanely expensive animal hospital bills. I’d like to fill you in on the events of today.

Drizzle1Monica and I woke up at 6 AM. I immediately called the animal hospital for an update on Drizzle. She was OK but still not all that responsive. I said that I planned on having her transferred to a vet so that we could take care of her in a less expensive environment. Monica and I found a vet in White Plains but they didn’t open until 8:30. There’s an animal hospital of sorts just around the corner from us but they were closed today. I needed help right away. The plan was that I would go to the animal hospital first and then make arrangements to have Drizzle transferred.

I got to the hospital at around 8:45. I called the vet in White Plains and then everything just came out of me. I tried and failed to hold back tears as I explained the situation to the very kind receptionist on the phone. She said that they could absolutely see Drizzle after she’s discharged. Just bring her in and we’ll get her looked at and see what we can do.

I went into the hospital and spoke with the doctor. I explained what we were doing. They would keep Drizzle’s IV catheter in her leg so that the vet wouldn’t have to poke a new hole in her. I took care of the paperwork and paid the rest of the bill, then I took Drizzle out with me to the car. She was somewhat responsive and moved around a little bit in the cat carrier but she was far from perky. It wasn’t until we reached the vet’s office that I found that she had actually went to the bathroom but didn’t have the energy to move enough so everything was matted to her fur on her backside. I was also very mad at the animal hospital too because Drizzle still had some vomit on one of her front paws that was there when we brought her in. The least they could have done was clean her up a little bit.

I was shown into an exam room and a doctor came to see Drizzle. We spoke at length about what could be the problem. She didn’t look well at all. Her fur was scraggly and she had obviously not cleaned herself in some time as bits of stray fur stuck out here and there. The aforementioned backside was an issue and she could barely stand when the doctor propped her up. I explained the situation to the doctor again.

Earlier that morning Monica and I had made a decision. As much as we love Drizzle and even with the kind donations from friends, we couldn’t feasibly afford to pay more than a certain amount for her care. It just couldn’t happen. The estimate that the doctor provided me with would be something we could do, but only at the low end. If she needed more than two more days hospitalization, we just couldn’t afford it.

To add to this problem, the doctor explained that even with the best care and time that she’d need she still has a 50 / 50 chance of survival. This was heartbreaking. We could do everything for her even with all the money in the world and there’s still a big chance that she wouldn’t make it at all.

DCP_7613I spent almost 3 hours in that little exam room making calls, petting Drizzle, (who had crawled over to me after the doctor left the room) and crying my eyes out. I tried to mention the idea of putting her down but couldn’t get the words out through the tears. Lori was trying to find additional funds to help us but we weren’t able to find anything.

During this time, Drizzle deteriorated. By around noon she looked the same, if not worse than when we brought her into the animal hospital last night. I couldn’t bear to see her like this. We had to make a decision. After speaking with Lori once more we decided to at least get Drizzle tested for the panleukopenia as this would directly effect her sister Juno as well as all the cats that Lori is currently caring for.

Then we decided to put Drizzle to sleep. It had to be the absolute hardest decision that I’ve ever made in my entire life. I wish I had everything to take care of this little kitten. I wish that none of this had to happen. Honestly, it’s just not fair. Drizzle had just come into our lives and we fell in love with her and now she was being taken away from us and after only a few days.

The doctor went over the process with me and he injected her with the liquid that would put her to sleep. I sat there with her the whole time, crying and telling her how sorry I was. I’m crying now just typing this. It was never supposed to be like this.

When the doctor finished, he stepped out and left me alone with Drizzle. I continued to pet her and mopped up the bit of snot that dripped out of her nose. She was no longer breathing and the spark of energy that we had seen during the two hours we had spent at Lori’s last week was no longer there. Her eyes stared out at me and I apologized and apologized.

I took care of the paperwork (the cost of putting her down was a fraction of the cost of saving her life) and carried the now empty cat carrier to the car. Once inside I completely lost it. Tears rushed out and I cried and cried. It took a little while for me to get OK enough to drive. I went over to Monica’s work place which was just a few minutes away. We cried together and hugged and cried some more.

At this point my head was pounding and I was starving. I had only eaten a cookie and most of a piece of toast in the past 12+ hours. I just couldn’t bring myself to eat. It was an effort to get down most of that piece of toast this morning. I picked up a sandwich and returned to the apartment.

For the second time in less than 24 hours, I brought the empty cat carrier home. This time there was no hope or light at the end of the tunnel. Drizzle was gone. When I got into the apartment, Juno was meowing. It was like she could tell that her sister was gone.

DrizzleJunoI sat and ate and cuddled and played with Juno. She was playful and cuddly all day which was a little unlike her. She fell asleep in my lap when I was on my computer and then I took her into the bedroom with me and she slept right next to me while I napped. I was a little concerned, like maybe she was too sleepy like Drizzle was on Monday but right after I got up she was jumping and running around like usual. Plus she was eating and drinking too so she should be OK.

I got a call from Lori and she asked if it was OK to bring Drizzle’s remains up to her house to be buried in her backyard with another cat. She was also trying to raise some money for us. Some people have mentioned the idea that maybe she should pay for a bunch of the bills but I can’t ask that of her and I told her that as well when she asked. She does so much for cats and kittens and she does it out of her own home with a limited budget. I told her that we’d be happy to have her take Drizzle. It actually cut some of the bill down as she was originally going to be cremated.

I keep going over everything in my head. If we had done this or that or had caught on to this sooner but there’s nothing we could have done. We did what anyone else would have done given the circumstances and we did what was best. Our next steps are waiting for the results of the virus test which we’re going to get tomorrow morning. We’re going to get Juno checked out and vaccinated to hopefully avoid this ever happening to her. I think that she kind of knows something is wrong. I know it sounds a little crazy but it’s like she knows that something is off. She meows or cries a little and it’s almost like she’s asking where Drizzle is.

We loved Drizzle so much and I really do think it’s not fair that she came into our lives and was gone so quickly. We were looking forward to the arrival of these kittens for what seems like forever and we didn’t even have them for more than a week and tragedy struck. Juno is still with us and we love her just as much as her sister.

Help Save Drizzle & Juno


Look. I’m going to tell you right now that this post is going to tug at the heartstrings a little bit. You’ve been warned.

Monica and I adopted two adorable kittens on Sunday. We picked them up from a very kind woman who runs a cat rescue in upstate New York. The two grey tabby kittens were christened Drizzle and Juno. We brought them home and they explored our apartment and everything they could do and play in there.

Juno’s on the left and Drizzle’s on the right.

Drizzle was the calmer of the two. She watched as Juno ran around like a crazy cat playing with everything. She participated too though, jumping and chasing the laser pointer and such. We knew when we got them that they’d had a problem with diarrhea earlier in their lives but they seemed to be over that by now. We received some medication to give to them which proved rather difficult to administer.

When we were finally able to give the pill to Drizzle she threw up about 15 minutes later. Nothing really came up except for some yellowish liquid. We were concerned but figured this came as a result of the pill or the little bit of butter that we coated it in in order for her to swallow it easier. At 4 AM it happened again though.

DrizzleThis morning Drizzle seemed a little out of it. Juno was up and running around like normal but her sister was just sleeping or laying down. We hoped she just needed some rest. Monica was very worried. She wanted to come home during her lunch break to check on her. After speaking with Lori and me she did not.

Monica got home around 5:30 and found that Drizzle had thrown up a few more times. She looked out of it and skinnier than before. She called the animal hospital right down the road but they were closed. They told her to go to the Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers. As soon as I got home we took off with Drizzle in her little carrier.

We got there and waited for about a half hour before they saw us. Drizzle had thrown up in the car on the way over. They took her in to examine her and a few minutes later a doctor came out to see us. When asked what it could be, the doctor mentioned it could be Panleukopenia (Internet info here?). We had never heard of this but apparently it’s a virus that attacks white blood cells. The doctor suggested keeping Drizzle there overnight and providing her with IV fluids to help re-hydrate her.

She provided us with an estimate of the cost and my jaw hit the floor. I’m not going into details but it was a lot more than I ever expected to shell out for both cats, let alone one of them. We talked some more and some things weren’t absolutely necessary. Even with their removal it would still be expensive. During this time, Drizzle had thrown up two more times. They had started her on IV fluids already because they couldn’t wait anymore. If we were to take her home now she wouldn’t make it through the night. All of this to take in and we’ve had these kittens for three days.

After much talk, Monica and I decided to leave Drizzle at the hospital. Yes, we just got her but we honestly love her and her sister so much. We decided to call back in a few hours to see how Drizzle was doing and then try again in the morning. In the meantime we’d look for a vet in the area to help lessen the cost of all this. (The main reason it was so expensive was because we went to an animal hospital and not a vet.) The doctor also asked if we wanted them to perform CPR if the need arose.

We got home and a little while later we got a call from the doctor. She performed a blood smear on Drizzle and found that she had almost no white blood cells. It seems like it’s definitely the panleukopenia then. We have to get Juno tested ASAP and Drizzle could need more time in the hospital. The doctor asked me if “this effects how aggressively I want to pursue this.” I almost threw the phone at the wall. How could she ask that after all of this?

So now it comes to this. I don’t know how else to say this, but I need help. We need help. We want to save Drizzle and we want to make sure that Juno is OK too. I’m not asking for much. Anything would help. If you can give us a dollar or two to help us save our kittens, then I ask humbly for you to do so.

I promise I won’t ask anything of you again and I’ll continue to post funny and stupid things I do here. This is the hardest thing that Monica and I have faced together and I think it’s one of the hardest that I’ve ever faced in my entire life.

With Great Power Comes Great Adorable


kittensNow that our rooms are painted, Monica and I are setting out on our next goal: To get a kitten. We would both like a dog but they’re not allowed in the apartment complex because the people that do have dogs let them piss and shit everywhere. Monica did some searching and found this woman in the New Paltz area that rescues cats and kittens and helps them find new homes. She reached out to her with some questions and we’ve got an appointment to meet up with here and check out some kittens on our next trip up there.

One thing that Lori, the cat lady pointed out was that since Monica and I work full time, she’d suggest getting two kittens so that they at least have someone to hang out with or something. I’m OK with that.

So last night Monica and I were discussing kitten names. Since there would be two of them, she’d like to have their names go together like Ren and Stimpy. We tossed around several ideas but we couldn’t come to an agreement on anything. I for one don’t want to name a cat a person name like “Steven” or “Carl.” I just think that’s weird. I then suggested that we each name one picking their namesakes based on people or characters that we each find inspiring or otherwise interesting. Monica, being the bio-psych major picked Darwin, a pillar in the scientific community. I picked Spider-Man.

We’ve exhausted most of our other possibilities so right now Darwin and Spider-Man are in the lead. If you have any suggestions, by all means let me know.

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