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Oh! It’s a Metaphor! I Get Metaphors! [Dollhouse]


The penultimate episode of the season aired on Friday. “Briar Rose” packed a helluva punch with the reveal of Alpha, Ballard in the Dollhouse and a huge Sleeping Beauty metaphor. But holy crap, where can we go now? Let’s talk!


My Attic is Nowhere Near as Terrifying [Dollhouse]


Despite all the crazy news about Fox not airing the finale of Dollhouse, the show still aired last night (and will continue to air at least 12 total episodes). I really have to say that since that infamous episode six, this show has just been on. Last night’s episode was no different.

I had a whole post typed up and then WordPress lost it. Fuckin’ A.

I liked the episode. It was fun and told in that style where there’s one story, but many different points of view. Domenic is bad. Echo is not broken. DeWitt has been banging Victor. I’m angry.

What do you think?

Now That’s What I’m Talking About! [Dollhouse]


I said last week that I hated it when shows or comics said that stuff gets better after a certain amount of episodes. To me, that’s pretty lazy and I rarely give the time to see if they’re right. Instead, I drop it because I’m not impressed by what I’m seeing. I am so f’ing glad that I stuck through with Dollhouse because last night’s episode (the sixth of the series) was awesome. I know I throw that word out a lot, but this episode was seriously great (and for some reason it’s not up on Hulu yet so I can’t embed it here). Anyway, let’s dive in.

“Man on the Street” took a regular episode and split it up with clips from a psuedo-documentary about the Dollhouse where average passersby were asked of their opinion on this modern urban legend. This worked really well because it served as a great juxtaposition to the events of the episode, of which there were many. I had heard talk that this episode is supposed to be the game changer and it did not disappoint. One thing I was a little surprised by were the no-name actors that were used for the documentary scenes. You’d think if Whedon and Co. are at all concerned that the show might not continue they’d throw in a cameo from one of their many friends. Toss in Amber Benson or Seth Green or something. I’m sure they’d be up for it. (more…)

I Hope Joss Whedon Never Puts Away His Dolls


At long last, Joss Whedon returns to Television. Last night was the premiere of his new series, Dollhouse starring Buffy alumni Eliza Dushku. I was a bit worried when it was announced that the show would be on Fox, who is known for cancelling anything that’s actually decent, including Whedon’s previous show Firefly. So far it looks like Fox is trying to make amends and there’s been a decent promotional push for the series. Friday is still a weird place for TV shows, but Dollhouse is coupled with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so I think it’ll do alright. Or at least I hope so.


James Knows…DVDs: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (2008)


With a bout of maniacal laughter, Dr. Horrible came on the scene earlier this year. I think it ranks very high in the list of media achievements for 2008. I mean, it was such a unique animal. Here is a three act story presented to you without the interference of a major studio and produced in the true nature of indie-film…except with actual money. And now I’ve got this handy DVD packed with extra footage that I can watch any time I want. Awesome.

If you haven’t seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, you can watch it for free online. Here, I’ll do the work for you, just scroll down a little bit.

There, now that you two have gotten acquainted, let’s continue to talk about the DVD. (more…)

James Knows Comics: Serenity – Those Left Behind


I had just started hearing about Firefly when the Serenity film came out. To coincide with the film, Dark Horse Comics released a 3 issue mini-series telling an untold story from the crew’s past. These issues featured variant covers drawn by many of the comic industry’s top artists and the whole thing was written by Joss Whedon himself. All of this to feed the rabid fans and followers of Mr. Whedon. Sounds exciting, huh?

It is actually. One of Television’s tragic stories (in my opinion) is the fate of Firefly. I didn’t catch it during it’s initial (and only) run on FOX, but thanks to DVD, I was able to watch all of the adventures of Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his rag-tag crew. Those Left Behind plays like an episode of the show. It can’t be looked at as three separate issues. Instead it must be read as a whole to really appreciate it. (more…)

E-Review: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog


(I’m putting this in “James Knows…TV” because I’m not quite sure where else to put it.)

The Writer’s Strike did a lot of things. It messed up my TV watching schedule. It made people look at other things instead of the Television like books or God forbid each other. But most of all, it forced a change. For the first time in a long time, Television studios had to think outside of the box. Unfortunately they didn’t do that too well. The only major change was the upfront presentations and where they got some of their new shows. Writers on the other hand did a little bit of thinking, being the creative people that they are.

Enter Joss Whedon. With arguably some of the best Television shows and some of the wittiest dialogue ever written under his belt, he set out to do something different. Calling in favors and filming on a low budget, but without the pressure of a studio, Whedon created Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, a musical comedy presented in three acts. The 45 minute serial stars Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. The three 15 minute segments were released every few days for one week for free to the world. Then as quickly as they came, they vanished. Now you can just download them on iTunes or wait for the DVD (I’m so excited for that!).

The story itself was great and typical Joss. You had the hopeless main character in Dr. Horrible who’s in love with Penny, a normal, good natured girl. Stopping Dr. Horrible’s maniacal plans is Captain Hammer, played by Nathan Fillion with all the smarm he can muster. In the end, the doctor gets what he wants, but at what cost? That’s really all you need to know about this. If you’re not interested by now, you can stop reading and you should probably get yourself looked at because there might be something wrong with you.

While I loved the story and the songs and the acting and everything about this project, I was even more interested in the idea of it. By all means, the Sing-Along Blog was a success. The site went down during the debut of the first act due to Whedon’s legions of fans. Since then, the three episodes have been amongst the top downloaded content from iTunes too. Can this be the beginning of something more? Will other creators begin showing their content direct to the viewer? I think once the DVD is released and the sales start coming in, we’ll have a better idea. Anyone will watch something for free, but when they’re asked to pay for it, things change. However, with Whedon’s fan base, I’m sure that the DVD will sell like hot cakes or at least something that people love a lot. (Do people love hot cakes? I seriously don’t know what they are.) The success of Dr. Horrible certainly provides a ray of hope for all those independent filmmakers out there. Now is your time. Go to the Internet and show your wares. Go now!

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