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How to Fix Heroes.


After another mediocre episode this week, I’m ready to just give up on this season altogether. Let’s just call this one a mulligan and start over. And I think I know just want to do to fix all this mess.

Yes, we’ve got a veritable clusterfuck on our hands at the moment. Between the crazy peaks at a horrible future, the ever growing Petrelli / Bennet family, and the flip-flop of most of the characters, it’s just getting out of hand. Let’s fix it. That’ll be my super power. I’ll be the plumber cleaning the drain looking for what’s left of the show to save.


Did My DVD Watching Break My TV Watching?


This week saw my regular TV broadcast viewing get a little bit smaller. After a pretty disappointing episode, I threw in the towel with Heroes, a show that I’ve been an avid supporter of since Peter jumped off a building in season one. I also didn’t even bother watching the week’s episode of Fringe after I’ve been pretty mediocre about the series since the beginning. I just don’t care anymore. I’ll spend that hour watching a DVD, maybe even a TV show on DVD.

All is not lost though. I still plan on tuning in to catch Pushing Daisies and Life each week, the only two shows that have managed to cross the line between online viewing and actual initial broadcast viewing. I’ll also be checking in for my regular fix of The Office as well as 30 Rock which premieres this week.

They're trying to figure out why I'm not watchingSo what happened? I’ve only really started watching first run programming on Television recently when I got back into a few things. Up until then it was purely DVD. But after last year’s Writer’s Strike and a looong summer of great DVDs, maybe I’m just a little jaded. My tolerance for Television shows has definitely gotten a lot shorter. I want entertainment and I want it now. It’s bad enough that I have to sit through the commercials when I watch TV, but now I have to wait around as you eventually get to your point (Fringe, I’m looking at you). I just don’t have the patience anymore.

My best guess is that after watching so many complete seasons (and series) on DVD alone has spoiled my viewing of first run shows on Television. Why bother watching an episode a week when I can plow through the entire season in a weekend once I get the DVD? Plus, no commercials or annoying pop ups telling me about some other show I’m not interested in. DVD has replaced my TV shows.

Now, I know that one could argue that with the invention of the DVR, I could probably have a similar experience. I just recently acquired a DVR and I’ll be honest and say that it’s still set to record Heroes and Fringe for the entire season. Will I return to watch them though is the question. I think another would be if I’d be more comfortable watching a show like Fringe if I hadn’t seen any of the episodes before and just picked it up as a blind buy next year.

My TV is not dead though. As I mentioned, there are still a handful of shows that I’m watching on a regular basis and come January, I’ll be ready to check out the return of Lost as well as the premiere of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. But will those last? Or do I have such high standards for TV now that I won’t be able to hold on to them?

Heroes Hoedown: Chapter 5 – Angels and Monsters


I was filled with hope last week that the show’s writers had somehow managed to right this sinking ship that Heroes has become. I mean, here was an interesting twist and some great character driven story telling even if it held too much to the crazy time travel nonsense. Then there was this episode. Ugh. It’s like the writers thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we had everyone in the show act entirely out of character and do shit they’d never ever do?” Yeah! That would be awesome! If “awesome” meant “a piece of garbage.” (more…)

Heroes Hoedown- Chapter 4: I Am Become Death


And now things get a lot more interesting. While this episode had elements seen in countless other episodes of Heroes (ie: Horrible future), this one just felt a little different. That super powered train is starting to get back on track. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll make something out of all this.

So what happened? We had some more info in the horrible future as the Peters jumped around and tried to figure out why things didn’t change when Future Peter went back to the past to shoot his brother and damn, I hate time travel. Anyway, more stuff happened, but let’s take a look at this week’s line up for the hoedown! (more…)

Heroes Hoedown – Chapter 3: One of Us, One of Them


Second week in and here we go. Aside from the fact that I think that the commercials ruined one of the most interesting parts of this episode (Sylar working for the Company), I thought this third chapter in this collection was just OK. Heroes is going to have to work a lot harder to bring me back to the full fanboy status that it held me at during the first season.

Now on to the roster!

  • Sylar – He’s a company man? As I mentioned, I thought that the commercials for this episode totally ruined this really cool plot twist. What was worse was that the episode seemed to basically neuter the coolest and scariest part of the entire show. After terrorizing us with Sylar’s attack on Claire in the first episode, he’s now a tie wearing partner for Noah and ready to help bring these bad guys to justice. This really ticked me off. It confused me too. Why would Mama Petrelli (and Mama Sylar for that matter) think this is a good idea? Sure, my son is a mass murdering psychopath, but he just needs a little love. Sending him out to bring in the very people that he’s been killing seems like a great idea. Of course, someone like Sylar can’t be rehabilitated in a day and he cuts up one of the loonies that escaped from Level 5 adding the power of the Black Canary to his repertoire. Then he goes back to the cell for his time out. Yup. Seems he’s been neutered.
  • (more…)

Heroes Hoedown – Chapters 1: The Second Coming & 2: The Butterfly Effect


It’s been awhile. Before the third season of Heroes premiered on NBC, my fiancee asked me what happened in the second season…and I had no idea. There was something with a virus and a doomed future (again), Nathan got shot, Ali Larter got killed (HOORAY!), Sylar got his powers back and that one girl cried black tears. That was about it, right? Well, last night was the two hour premiere of the third season. I was expecting a big extended episode but it ended up being just the first two episodes back-to-back. Umm…sure.

I’m going to break this down like I did on Tubenation so here’s our roster for these two episodes.


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