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Was That Offensive?


Monica and I were watching Glee last night which is now one of our favorite shows. During this week’s episode, the kids at McKinley High invite the teams that they’ll be performing against at sectionals for a scrimmage of sorts. One of these glee clubs is from a school for the deaf. The McKinley kids go first and then it’s the deaf kids turn.

Monica and I saw two very different things in this clip. She saw the fact that the McKinley kids got up and interrupted the deaf kids song as offensive and rude to the deaf kids. I on the other hand saw something inspiring and unifying, especially for the McKinley kids. She pointed out that the other team waited patiently and respectfully for the McKinley kids to perform their song and then it was their turn and what happens? They don’t even get to perform their bit because the other kids jump in to sing along.

I didn’t see that. I thought of it the complete opposite in a way. From the McKinley side, it put a lot of things in perspective. They’ve always seen themselves are rejects or socially disabled. Then they sit there and see a group of deaf students singing and signing their way through John Lennon’s “Imagine” and it’s like a reality check. What do they have to complain about? If these kids can overcome the adversity they’re up against and perform with a smile on their faces then why can’t they do the same with their much smaller obstacles? From the other side though it seemed like a form of companionship. While their song was “interrupted” I think it was like acceptance. They never get to do something like this it seems and to be taken seriously by another glee club has to mean something.

So that’s the two sides of the story right now. What do you think?

Fall 2009 Television and Me


It’s November. We’re a couple months into the Fall 2009 season so what am I watching? I’m sticking to old favorites like The Office and 30 Rock but I’ve tried out a few new shows too. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up with everything.

flashforwardlogoI was ready to check out FlashForwardright when I saw the initial commercial when the previous season of Lost ended. Plus it was written by David S. Goyer of The Dark Knight fame. All good. I watched the premiere when it aired but then totally forgot about it. Since then I’ve been struggling to watch the oldest episode on Hulu so I can keep watching the show. That’s right. I’m five episodes behind. What I’ve seen though is pretty cool. It’s an interesting premise and even though I’m still early on in the season, I’m intrigued enough to continue watching (assuming I can keep up).

Community: I heard some chatter about this show from various people. They all said it was hilarious. I didn’t really get that impression though. I watched the first few episodes and continued watching until NBC moved it to 8 PM. I haven’t watched an episode since. Honestly the whole thing felt stale and unfunny. Also if the main character is supposed to be a disbarred lawyer, why is he macking on a college girl? It just seems creepy.

V: Premiering late in the game (presumably so ABC could say it’s the latest hit of the season), I checked this out when it debuted three weeks ago. I’ve never seen the original mini-series but this seems pretty cool. With the inclusion of two former cast members of Firefly and Juliet from Lost and that guy from Battlestar Galactica there’s a pretty decent cast and aliens are always interesting. Oh and there’s conspiracies and shit. My only qualm with the show is that I feel like a big plot point is going to be “Who’s really a V?” which is so last year. I mean, Dollhouse did that a few times last year. We got it.

gleelogoAnd now we come to my favorite new show of the season. Glee came out of nowhere for me. It was suggested to me by Stewie (who hates himself for liking the show) and I’ve been hooked since. I had started watching the show on Hulu and actually made the transition to watching it when it airs on TV instead. This never happens. Most shows for me are either one or the other. Glee has broken that trend. And I’m surprised that I like the show so much. It’s about a glee club after all. Yes, some of the songs are corny and I would never listen to them otherwise, but goddamn this is a good show. Even though there’s some great songs involved too the real jewel of the show is the writing. It’s filled with Arrested Development level wit and I love it. And not only that but the show actually hits in serious drama too. The good news is that Fox has already picked it up for an entire season. That’s awesome.

I’ve still got a few months until Lost comes back. Dollhouse has been on hiatus for a few weeks but the show has been cancelled and won’t be renewed for a third season so I can enjoy that while it lasts I guess. Anything else I should check out?

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