I’ve been living in the same apartment building for almost 4 years. The complex is set up like a big square O with a courtyard in the middle. This area is sort of kept up but most of the time the grass dies and there’s just a lot of dirt because water doesn’t seem to have any place to go after it rains. There’s usually kids playing in the courtyard too. Some of them have chalk apparently. While walking to my car the other day I spotted these nifty chalk drawings. Fortunately I remembered to snap a picture of them before some rain hit and they were washed away forever.

This guy has some big feet

I think it's a squirrel?

At first glance these appear to be drawings of a cartoonish man and possibly a squirrel. Upon closer inspection though they both appear to be concealing male genitalia. These drawings stayed there for days. I was surprised that they lasted that long with all the foot traffic the courtyard seems to get. I also can’t tell if the genitalia was drawn first and someone tried to cover it up by turning the pictures into what they are now or if they were drawn as their current creations with the artist’s intention to hide the naughty bits within their work. I guess I’ll never know for certain.