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Elementary My Dear House, This is Getting Tired


Over the past few weeks, Monica and I have cruised through seasons 3, 4, and 5 of House M.D.. It’s been a while since we watched the first two seasons but we were able to dive into the show again without much difficulty. We finished up the fifth season tonight which catches us up to the season that’s currently airing (albeit several months late in order to be up to date on what is airing now).

I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed with season five. I think it’s because the formula of House is getting old. Anyone that’s watched the show knows what the formula is. A patient comes in with a seemingly incurable bizarre disease. House and his team spend the next half hour essentially trying to diagnose the patient using the trial and error method. House talks to Wilson and miraculously knows how to cure the patient. Rinse. Repeat.

The show got by for so long because the cases were actually interesting and honestly I think that many people (myself included) have no idea what 90% of the diseases mentioned are but boy, do they sound scary. Season five started to annoy me though. The main reason was the main character. It’s always bad when you have a show centered around one person who suddenly becomes unlikable. House’s unfriendly demeanor was cute and funny at first. Oh look! He’s saying what we’re all thinking inside but we’re afraid to say. After four straight seasons though this starts to get old. It’s frustrating to watch as House does the same song and dance among the cast and no one has the balls to slap him or to stop enabling him.

I had a similar problem with M*A*S*H. House, just like Hawkeye hasn’t grown as a character. He’s the same now (or at least at the end of season five) as he was in the first episode. Sure, there have been a handful of changes that have been tossed in that have made House think about his life (The offended police officer, the change of teams, various deaths) but they have all been momentary and very short lived.

I think that the writers of the show need to take a page out of their main character’s book. House is known for taking risks that are deemed wildly inappropriate and sometimes offensive but he gets results. Any time that a change came in that may present an interesting dynamic (Cameron taking over for Cuddy) it is ended quickly and everyone goes back to fearing House and making excuses for him. If they had stuck with any of the changes or storylines for more than an episode or three than the show would be more interesting to me.

Maybe they’re afraid though. They are on the Fox Network after all, which is famous for canceling shows on a whim (Firefly I’m looking at you) but at this point, what’s the risk? The show is in it’s sixth season and if the commercial I saw today has anything to do with it, it’s almost exactly the same as any previous season. I’m not all that mad about this. I’m just disappointed. There’s so much potential here (Bryan Singer is an executive producer too) and I feel that it’s wasted right now. Am I the only one that feels this way? Or are other people thinking that House should limp into something more interesting and permanent?

Oh! It’s a Metaphor! I Get Metaphors! [Dollhouse]


The penultimate episode of the season aired on Friday. “Briar Rose” packed a helluva punch with the reveal of Alpha, Ballard in the Dollhouse and a huge Sleeping Beauty metaphor. But holy crap, where can we go now? Let’s talk!


A Hot Version of Murder She Wrote? [Dollhouse]


Is it just me or have the past few episodes of Dollhouse brought the more ethical, non-kinky imprints to light? Admit it. When you first heard of the premise of the show your mind went right to Dirty Naughty Land. It’s OK. I think that everyone did it. Lately though we’ve been seeing the humane type of engagement where the Actives just help people that have had some sort of suffering in their life (ie: Patton Oswalt’s character in Man on the Street) or people that just need a friend (ie: Topher in this week’s episode). Then there are just paranoid rich people who have high powered friends. That’s where Echo goes off to this week.


My Attic is Nowhere Near as Terrifying [Dollhouse]


Despite all the crazy news about Fox not airing the finale of Dollhouse, the show still aired last night (and will continue to air at least 12 total episodes). I really have to say that since that infamous episode six, this show has just been on. Last night’s episode was no different.

I had a whole post typed up and then WordPress lost it. Fuckin’ A.

I liked the episode. It was fun and told in that style where there’s one story, but many different points of view. Domenic is bad. Echo is not broken. DeWitt has been banging Victor. I’m angry.

What do you think?

Who’s Using Who Here? [Dollhouse]


Yes, I know I skipped last week. I was busy, but hey, I did the other six episodes, right? Anyway, I thought this episode was pretty good. Since the awesome Man on the Street episode, Dollhouse has just been spot on. I think that might have something to do with the fact that beginning with that episode, Eliza Dushku hasn’t been the “main” character of the show. The supporting cast has been brought up to really balance the show a bit more. Let’s go!


NASCAR Commentators Are Not Funny


***WARNING: This post is going to deal with NASCAR. That being said, I think it can be read by everyone without a problem. However, if you don’t want to read it and just want to skip to the end of the post and call me a Redneck, that works too.***

Great. Jimmie Johnson won at Martinsville yesterday. Now I get to sit through a week of articles on talking about how he’s going for an unprecedented 4th championship in a row and no one has ever done that before and now he’s back on track and he’s going to win races and all this crap. Who cares? It’s f-ing boring now.

I’ve been a passive viewer of NASCAR this season. My favorite driver, Carl Edwards, hasn’t been doing that great so far. Granted it’s only been 5 or 6 races, but it really takes you out of the race when you don’t care what happens. I think I’ve just sort of pushed myself away from it because I really hate the Fox Sports commentators. I’ve disliked them for awhile now, but this season they’ve just really gotten on my nerves. You know that horribly uncomfortable banter that newscasters do when they stop reading the teleprompter? “Gee Chuck, that seems like a real humdinger.” Really stupid jokes and bad puns rise up followed by forced laughter and an awkward silence. That comes up in just about every newscast, but it only lasts a few seconds. Not so in Fox Sports NASCAR coverage. That’s the entire thing. Think about that. Six hours of uncomfortable and unfunny banter between three announcers as they fumble their way through a broadcast of a race. Ugh. It’s the Television equivalent of a stupid email forwarded by a quirky relative that just discovered how the Internet works. But wait, there’s more! (more…)

Now That’s What I’m Talking About! [Dollhouse]


I said last week that I hated it when shows or comics said that stuff gets better after a certain amount of episodes. To me, that’s pretty lazy and I rarely give the time to see if they’re right. Instead, I drop it because I’m not impressed by what I’m seeing. I am so f’ing glad that I stuck through with Dollhouse because last night’s episode (the sixth of the series) was awesome. I know I throw that word out a lot, but this episode was seriously great (and for some reason it’s not up on Hulu yet so I can’t embed it here). Anyway, let’s dive in.

“Man on the Street” took a regular episode and split it up with clips from a psuedo-documentary about the Dollhouse where average passersby were asked of their opinion on this modern urban legend. This worked really well because it served as a great juxtaposition to the events of the episode, of which there were many. I had heard talk that this episode is supposed to be the game changer and it did not disappoint. One thing I was a little surprised by were the no-name actors that were used for the documentary scenes. You’d think if Whedon and Co. are at all concerned that the show might not continue they’d throw in a cameo from one of their many friends. Toss in Amber Benson or Seth Green or something. I’m sure they’d be up for it. (more…)

Did You Get a Man Reaction Here? [Dollhouse]


Another week, another episode of Dollhouse, another engagement gone wrong. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here yet? I understand the urge to start the series with a few stand alone stories to allow the viewer to get acquainted with the Dollhouse universe, but it doesn’t take that long to do that. I don’t know about you, but I figured out how this set-up worked after the first episode. Now we’re five episodes in and this routine is getting a little old. The stories are a little interesting, but I want a full arc here to satisfy my appetite for serialized Television. Getting these little tidbits of information about Alpha or whatever the hell Agent Ballard is not accomplishing this week is just not enough. Let’s talk about this week’s episode though. (more…)

“Gray Hour” In More Ways Than One [Dollhouse]


Four episodes in and where do we stand with Dollhouse? Is it time for FOX to pack up their toys and go home? Not just yet (I hope). This week’s episode, “Gray Hour” wasn’t as impressive as previous episodes, but it did add to the overall story of the show. While each episode has been largely stand-alone in nature, there has been an overlaying story arc (Alpha) that has been set up as we go along. The show isn’t perfect though and things need a little bit of work. (more…)

American Idol Has Nothing on Echo [Dollhouse]


Another week, another episode of Dollhouse. I’ve been seeing some mixed reviews about this series, but I don’t see what the problem is. I’m digging what’s been laid out for us so far and this episode wasn’t bad either. I don’t think I liked it as much as the previous one, but “Stage Fright” still delivered.

So this time we’ve got Echo as a double personality. She’s a backup singer for pop sensation Raina, but she also wants to protect her from crazed super-fans. Cue the dance numbers. While Echo is doing this, Agent Ballard is stumbling along following the breadcrumbs that the higher-ups at the Dollhouse have left for him to find. More on that momentarily. (more…)

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