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James: 1, Canada: 0


When we last left our hero, he had come to a settlement with eBay and the nation of Canada. We pick up the story one week later.

The instructions I received from eBay were pretty clear. The buyer was going to send the comics back to me within the week. He would also get a tracking confirmation on the package and upload that number to the eBay case file. The reason for this was so that eBay could track the package and verify when it was delivered to me. Then and only then would eBay (not me) process a refund to the buyer. Then they’d bill me and all would be said and done. Seems simple, right? I go on with my life and re-list the comics. This guy does whatever he does being a comic book nerd and all is right in the world.

Apparently not. On Wednesday (4 days into the week the buyer had to send me the comics), I get a message from said buyer. He says that eBay has told him to send the comics back with a tracking number but he’s not sending anything until he gets his full refund plus the amount for the return shipping. While I can understand where he’s coming from, that’s not what eBay (the governing body here) has instructed. I thought about not responding to this message at all, thinking that if I don’t respond, I’ll just wait out the clock and be done with this. I’m not that kind of guy though and I wanted to show that I was still being responsive and supportive throughout the process.

I responded to the buyer explaining that according to everything I received from eBay, the refund won’t be processed until the items are received. That’s why they asked for the tracking confirmation. I also pointed out that I’m not actually going to be processing the refund. eBay will be doing that. Then they bill me for it.

That was on Wednesday. I have yet to hear another peep from the buyer. I woke up this morning to find an email from eBay.

This case was automatically closed on May 07, 2010. The buyer was required to submit information regarding this case, but we didn’t hear back. The item won’t be returned to you, and the buyer won’t be issued a refund.

It seems the buyer didn’t do what was asked of him from eBay. He dropped the ball and now the whole thing is over. Although I’m sure it’s not over in the buyer’s eyes. I’m waiting to see if he’ll either send the comics anyway, expecting the refund or send me another nasty message making demands. He can do whatever he likes, but according to both me and eBay, this transaction is closed. I did everything by the book. Take that, Canada.

I Fought the eBay and…It Was a Draw?


As some of you may know, I’ve been in the process of selling off my single issue comics for the past few months. It’s been a slow process, but I put up about 2-3 auctions each week on eBay consisting of groups of comics that go together. Basically I put storylines in one bunch so that a buyer can come in and pick up an entire run of a series without missing something. Throughout this whole time I haven’t had a single problem with any of the auctions. The transactions were smooth and occasionally some books would sell for less than I’d like them to, but I was getting rid of them. At this time I’ve already cleaned out 2 or 3 long boxes worth of comics. I’m also taking my winnings and buying the comics I’d like to read again in trades so I’ll actually read them instead of letting them sit in a box.

So with all this going well, it was only a matter of time before I had some sort of problem. I sold a batch of comics to a guy in Canada. I don’t normally ship to Canada but he asked and I figured I’d do it. I packaged the comics like I do every other batch that I put through and sent them out. A week or so goes by and I totally forget about them until I get a message from the guy out of the blue. He received the comics and claims that they’re all bent and he wants, no DEMANDS, a refund. Buh? I’m shocked by this. I don’t understand how this could have happened at all. I respond as polite as I can asking for more information and explaining that this has never happened to me before.

Eventually he sends me pictures of the comics and the “damage.” I put that word in quotes because if you didn’t know where the “damage” was you wouldn’t notice it.

If you look real hard, the right hand corner of the book is slightly dented, as if someone dropped the box on it’s corner. The buyer said himself that the box was “slightly torn” when he received it. I’m totally taken aback by this. Are you serious? This is what’s wrong with the books? He even went so far as to say he was really irritated because he was looking forward to reading these. I ask him what is stopping him from reading the books as clearly there is no pages missing or anything like that. His response confirms my suspicions about him. He said that it didn’t matter anymore because he had just bought the hardcover collections of the books and that these would just be added to the collection anyway (which amassed 40+ boxes of all near mint books as that is the standard of his collection). I really wish I was making this up.

I asked eBay what I should do and they said that the buyer should open up a case regarding this if the items were damaged. I asked the guy to do that and then escalated the case for a decision from eBay. My auction stated that I do not accept returns and this guy didn’t offer to buy insurance for the package even though he said this has happened to him before. Within a few hours, eBay had made its decision. They sided with the buyer. What will happen now is as follows: The buyer returns the comics to me but does so with a shipping confirmation. Once eBay confirms that the comics have been received (by using the shipping confirmation), they’ll refund the amount paid for the auction and take the balance out of my PayPal account. Then I can re-list the comics on eBay and hopefully sell them to a less picky buyer.

This whole experience has left me rather disgruntled. I was on a good run with getting these comics out and now there’s a small part of me that doesn’t want to bother. That part will disappear once I remember that the next time I move I’ll have to lug these comic boxes down all those stairs. I’m sure I’ll be back on the eBay wagon again. Also, I’m a little disappointed that this guy got all rude and stuff. I could have probably sold him more comics.

The Comic Book Pile is Slowly Shrinking


My plan to sell off my single issue comic book collection is now underway. Last week I tossed up the first of many ebay auctions for a batch of Marvel Civil War comics. The 40 comics sold for $76, which is way more than I thought they’d go for. As I mentioned in my previous post on the subject, my goal is to make enough money to re-buy the issues as trade paperbacks. I understand that I’m going to take a loss on the initial sale, but this way I’ll get rid of the comics that I’ll never read again and basically trade in the other issues for graphic novels that I’ll actually read and will be readily available on my book shelf.

I put up three more lots this week. (Green Lantern, Batman: War Games, and Y: The Last Man). I think that the Green Lantern one will sell for big. I hope so at least because it’s 53 issues. Y will probably go for an OK amount, but I don’t know if Batman will sell because even though it’s about 30 issues, the storyline included wasn’t that popular. We’ll see though. I’ve still got a few days before it ends.

I thought about putting up more, but with all the stuff going on with the move and our road trip it’s going to be a pain in the ass to get all these together and ship them. I’m going to stick to about three each week and take it from there. That way I’m not overwhelmed with shipping and whatnot. I’ll have to move some of the comics with me to the new apartment, but that’ll be OK. At least by that time they’ll take up a little less space.

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