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Watching Movies at Random


As you may know, I have quite a few DVDs to watch. I buy rather than rent and as a result a lot of the DVDs I pick up contain content that I’ve never seen before. These blind buys are put to the side on a separate shelf for me to check out at a later date. I’ve been slowly working through them as it takes a helluva lot longer to watch each DVD than it does to buy them.

To make matters easier, I decided to put all the movies I haven’t yet watched into a list on Google Docs. Instead of combing through the shelf thinking about what I feel like watching, I open up this list and Random.Org and have it pick out a movie for me. So far I’ve knocked about a dozen or so films off this list. It’s sizable and there’s still quite a bit to go but I feel more organized now.

Please note, this list doesn’t include the TV series that I haven’t watched yet. Those represent an entire other shelf but they take a lot longer to get through than the movies.

Hey DVD People, Stop with the Forced Trailers.


I f-ing love DVDs. I watch them all the time. In fact, I’m watching one right now as I type this. (Meet Bill if you are interested) Anyway, I have many likes and dislikes when it comes to these things, but my biggest pet peeve about DVDs is forced trailers.

If you’re not familiar with them, the forced trailers appear when you start up the DVD. Instead of taking you right to the menu, you’re subjected to a variety of trailers from the studio. Comedy Central and HBO are notorious for this. It’s not a horrible thing, but it’s a pain in the ass. I put the DVD in because I want to watch the movie. If I wanted to watch outdated trailers (because by the time I get around to watching the DVD, the trailers are months old) I’d look them up. If they’re that important, add them to the DVD as a special feature. If they’re in that location, then I might watch them. If you try to cram them down my throat by forcing me to watch them before the menu screen pops up, then I definitely won’t watch them. There’s a huge difference between the two approaches. (more…)

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