So it’s not secret that I’m a huge dork. I’m into most of the basics in dork culture ranging from comic books and video games to action figures and yes, even Anime. I’m about to reveal something that will plunge me somewhat further down the ladder in the Dork Hierarchy chart though. Years ago, when the Anime series Dragonball Z was really picking up steam on the American airwaves thanks to Cartoon Network, I, along with a few friends, ran a text-based online RPG based on the series. I’ll wait while you laugh. It’s OK. You can get it out. I’m not ashamed.

Each of us had tried out a couple of these online RPGs and were disappointed with the results. The creators of the games cheated quite a deal and it was next to impossible to level up or have any sort of chance against the people that ran the site or their friends. So we got to thinking and ended up making our own rules that were not only fair, but were in range with the way the show actually worked. It was around that time that I ended up ordering a shit load of bootleg VHS tapes off of ebay just before the boom of DVDs in my life. My friends and I set up this site online for the RPG and started recruiting from the other crappy games. Thus the game began. (more…)