Here’s the thing. Television and I used to have a really good relationship. Then she got greedy and I felt like she just didn’t care anymore. It was quite a disappointing breakup. We did however share custody on a few programs such as Lost and The Office. I detailed several reasons for the break up over at the now defunct Tubenation, but I’m going to pick it up here as I’ve discovered a few more. Goddamn.

For the past few weeks as the NASCAR Sprint Cup series was coming to a close for the 2008 season, I was rather annoyed to be subjected to these horrible commercials for Dish Network. Now I have no problem with Dish Network. They’re one of the sponsors of Carl Edwards and anyone that likes Carl Edwards is OK with me. Unfortunately, these commercials featured Frank Caliendo. I remember seeing a handful of commercials for a TV show featuring this so-called comedian, but I didn’t care for him then and I certainly don’t care for him now. You can find examples of Frank’s “work” here. (more…)