file0274 Some time ago I stopped buying single issue comics. I just flat out stopped. There were a variety of factors that led to this decision (time, money, car travel, lack of interest, etc.), but my comic collection stopped growing. I’m still interested in some of the stories though. My biggest problem with owning these comics is the difficulty involved in reading them again. If I want to read a story again, I have to search through the long boxes to locate the chosen issues, put the boxes back in their places, read through all the issues (with ads) and then put them back afterwards. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but for a six issue story, it’s a pain in the ass. I thought I had come up with a solution some time ago using a few binders and sheet protectors from Staples. This was still annoying though, plus they took up a lot of space. So a new decision was made. I’m selling them all.

That’s right. Everything must go. All of my single issues are going out the door. This is a two pronged strategy. On the one hand, I’ll finally get rid of the comics that I know I’ll never read ever again. So long, OMAC Project! See you later, Chris Claremont penned Uncanny X-Men! Peace out, 1602 sequels! That’s the one side. The other goal is to sell the single issues for stories I actually want to read again (ie: Civil War, Sinestro Corps War) and then re-buy the comics in trade paperback form. I fully acknowledge that I’ll be taking a loss by selling the comics. I dropped about $3 an issue and I know I won’t get that back. I’m just going to try and get enough money to buy the book as a trade. That way I can sort of break even and any money I get for the books I don’t plan on re-buying will be extra and can go towards new trades and books I don’t have yet.

It sounds like a good idea (at least to me), but I’ll see how things net out. I’ve got a few people that are already interested in some of the issues. If anyone else wants to have a look at the list (now typed up in Excel), let me know. I’ll probably see what I can get rid of in the next few weeks and then put a bunch of them on ebay and get what I can get.