I live in the village of Sleepy Hollow, NY (Yes, it’s a real place). The place is actually pretty small and consists of about a dozen delis, laundromats, and churches. From time to time there’s some sort of religious event and one of the churches throws some big party or parade. Once a group of church-goers walked down the road carrying a giant crucified Jesus. Since my apartment looks out over the main street in the village, I see this stuff whenever it happens.

This past weekend a pickup truck was making laps around the area. In the back were a group of people with a sound system. The truck was towing a trailer with about 10-15 people in it. On the back of the trailer was a giant billboard that read “Keep God In Our City.” There was a woman at the front of the trailer with a microphone saying things in Spanish and then saying stuff about God and Jesus including “If you’re sick, God will heal you.” Even with our windows closed, we still heard them like they were right outside.

This just pissed me off. I don’t really care about religion but I cannot stand when people try to force theirs down my throat. Here I was sitting in my living room, minding my own business and then the Jesus crowd barges in, shouting about how God can cleanse my sins and stuff. Leave me alone.

Also, their sign didn’t make any sense. This is a village, not a city. If you’re going to parade through the area at least get your verbiage right.

After they made about 4 or 5 laps, my lovely wife Monica actually called the cops. She didn’t get all mad with them or anything. She just calmly asked if the officer knew when this parade would be ending. The cop just said that they had permission to do this. No end time was given. Thanks buddy!

Fortunately the God parade ended after a couple more laps so I was able to go back to my peaceful weekend.