It’s 6:30 AM and the alarm clock is buzzing. It’s immediately shut off, but neither myself nor Monica makes a move to get out of bed. We end up sleeping in for another 25 minutes. I get up and shower and then we watch some Batman before heading out.

The office holds a rather slow work day for me on this Friday. I take care of a few things and then try to stay busy. There’s a Crocs sale going on in the nearby conference room. I don’t understand those things. They look really f’ing stupid so I just don’t get why people buy them and why so many people are doing so. Weird.

I head downstairs for my lunch break around 1. After I devour my PB&J, I get to within 10 pages of the end of Catch-22. I really want to just sit there and finish the book, but I’ve got to get back to work.

Sort of. The rest of the day continues to drag on. After what seems like forever, I head out. I make great time until I get to the bridge and get stuck in the usual traffic. I wasn’t going to fall victim to the usual boredom this time though. While I didn’t come prepared with my portable DVD player, I did have those pages remaining in Catch-22. That’s right. I read a book while driving. Is it dangerous? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Yes. After I finished up the book (great read, by the way), I made a little video.

I think that expressing my feelings of victory over the traffic beast pretty well. I get back to the apartment around 6:20. Monica’s working on some school stuff. I make us some raviolis for dinner and then we watch the first episode of the second season of The X-Files. It’s been awhile since we finished up the first season, but the beats slowly came back to me.

With the episode finished and dinner consumed, Monica had more school stuff to do. I ventured into the living room and watched Martin Scorcese’s After Hours. I had heard nothing about the movie, but I picked it up because Scorcese directed it. I was really surprised by just how much I liked the movie. Everything comes together at the end in a neat bow. Highly recommended.

After the movie, I watched a brief featurette that was included on the disc and fiddled with my DVD shelves. I’m moving some stuff around in there to try something different. More on that later.

Monica continues her work and I do some reading. Since I finished up Catch-22 in the car, I start reading another Hard Case Crime book, Fade To Blonde. I get through the first chapter before getting to bed around midnight.

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