So can we take a minute and talk about last night’s episode of The Office? I really wasn’t impressed with last week’s “Employee Transfer” but this episode was just firing on all cylinders (Did I just make a car reference? Or is that a reference to a gun? I honestly don’t know what it’s a reference to, but I thought it would be applicable here). “Customer Survey” was just great. It touched on the major characters leaving folks like Stanley and Meredith in the background. Even without a strange remark from Creed, the show was still pretty damn good.

Let’s see what we had to work with. The episode started out with Michael trying to put a band-aid on his broken heart by lying to his co-workers. Instead of explaining what happened last week with Holly, he told them that they were engaged. That’s the logical next step, right? Surprisingly, his employees were excited and happy for him. Maybe they all care about him even if it’s just a little bit. Unfortunately for Michael, a call to his mom brought the truth out and that was the last we heard about it. I didn’t like how this thread was just dropped. If the first few episodes of this season has taught me anything, it’s that Michael has indeed found a soul mate in Holly. Let’s hope that they find a way to get back together.

The rest of Dunder-Mifflin marched on though and holy crap did they do well. First off, the whole idea of the world’s smallest Bluetooth keeping Pam and Jim in constant contact is both brilliant and interesting. It’s a great way to have Pam there without actually having an excuse to have her show up. Their interaction and Jim’s lone reactions to Dwight when questioned about him talking to himself were great. This is the kind of stuff that has made The Office great. The closing bit with Pam’s college friend was scary though.

I have a (shaky) theory on this though. Since the season began, we’ve been shown obstacles and problems that have been thrust in front of Jim and Pam. Under any normal circumstances, these issues would have put a relationship in trouble. You’ve got the physical distance between them that’s already putting a strain on them, but now Pam’s out there living a college life and finding herself. But will her new found freedom include Jim? I’ve been incredibly cautious so far with this season, but somehow the couple has persevered…so far. We’ve come across some scenes that made us worry about the future of Jim and Pam. This one last night was a big one (which conveniently fell at the same time as sweeps month) and I’m scared that it might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back with PB&J. Please don’t do that to us, Office writers.

In other news, Dwight was on his game with this episode. This was Dwight in his friggin’ element with conspiracy theories and paranoia. Holy crap. Perfect. The whole thing came together at the end with Kelly admitting that she turned in bad customer reviews for Jim and Dwight because they didn’t show up to her party…or she might have been raped (Yes. The Office somehow made rape funny).

But in another Dunder-Mifflin romance, Andy continues to set himself for a tremendous heartbreak. I feel so bad for him. He just wants everyone to be happy, Angela especially and he’s sitting there as Dwight basically eye-fucks her. This is going to end very, very badly. The secret’s going to come out and I really just hope that Andy doesn’t kill Dwight because that’s one of the few ways I see this ending.

But what did you think? Was this episode more on par with what The Office has turned in in the past? Will Angry Andy return sooner or later? And where can I get one of those awesome mugs with my face on them?

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