I wake up and it’s 6:30. Batman is watched and breakfast is eaten. I head out to work at around 8. As I move slowly across the Tappan Zee Bridge, I realize that I forgot to bring my portable DVD player with me to watch on the way home. It’s probably for the best considering how clumsy and prone to accidents (physical, not involving automobiles) I am. I’d probably end up killing myself.

I get to the office and go through the usual check of emails and whatnot. I develop a case of the hiccups early on and can’t stand it. I hate the hiccups. I just get so mad at them and my lungs / throat / wherever hiccups occur. Although I received several interesting and elaborate suggestions on cures, the hiccups went away on their own eventually.

I take my lunch break around 1 and head downstairs with some leftover rice and half of my quesidilla from last night. More Catch-22 is read and I manage to stay warm enough and not fall asleep. The remainder of the day offers nothing all that special.

I head out at 5:30 and get stuck in the traffic that I’ve grown accustomed to over the past few weeks. This time I’m only stuck for about 15 minutes so I wouldn’t have had time to watch an episode of a TV show. I get home around 6:15 and do some exercise. It felt good to be doing it again. After a quick shower, I relax and watch Out of the Past, a DVD from one of the Warner Film Noir Collection. I’ve heard of the film, but I’ve never seen it before. There were some great pieces of dialogue and an interesting story. Robert Mitchum has a face that looks like it’s constantly melting. I just love film noir. It’s such a great genre.

Monica gets home around 8 and does some school stuff in the living room. We watch The Office and 30 Rock at 9. I thought both shows were so much better than last week’s, The Office especially. More on that later.

We get to bed around 11. I read some more Catch-22. I should finish it this weekend.

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