I wake up and it’s Wednesday and it’s 6:30 in the morning. I’ve got this strange feeling this morning. It’s like a “Brand New Day” sort of thing, but not the Amazing Spider-Man kind or the Dr. Horrible kind. It’s just a refreshing, anything-is-possible air about everything and it feels good. Monica and I get up and after some episodes of The Batman, we head out.

I get in to work around 8:30 and everyone seems to be buzzing about the election. It’s definitely big news. I get through my usual email and what not, but there’s a little bit less to read about today. All those articles about polling and predictions are gone. What will I read now?

I head downstairs around 12:30 to eat lunch. It’s incredibly cold down there, but I shiver my way through a PB&J and some more pages of Catch-22.

After my lunch break has finished, I return to my desk. Nothing all that exciting happens here. I head out at 5:30 and encounter the usual traffic on the Tappan Zee Bridge. This time I keep track of exactly how long I’m stuck before getting past the road plates and moving at normal speed again. I’m there for 20 minutes. That’s just enough time to watch an episode of a half-hour TV show on DVD…hmmm. I wonder. I think I’m going to give this a whirl. I’ve got a portable DVD player. I’ll bring it with me and when I get stuck in traffic, pop it open and watch an episode. Should work out pretty well…if I don’t kill myself.

I eventually get past the traffic and make a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a few essentials. I make it back to the apartment around 6:30. Monica’s already home, but she’s got some stuff to work on. She’s not very hungry, so I make some dinner for myself. I had absolutely no idea what to make and end up trying my luck with a quesidilla. I had one tortilla left so I put some cheese, pepperoni and more cheese on half of it, folded it over and tossed it in the toaster over for a few minutes. It came out pretty damn good with a little bit of taco sauce on the side.

I eat and watch an episode of Space Above and Beyond. The show’s a little corny and definitely gives off that mid-90s vibe. It’s not Babylon 5 though. The episode ends just in time for Pushing Daisies to start. Unfortunately, there’s no Pushing Daisies on ABC. Instead it’s Dancing with the Stars. Like I give a fuck about a bunch of C-List celebrities dancing around. I want the undead and quirky dialogue! Now! Feeling rather disgruntled, I watch another episode of Space before Life starts up.

Monica and I watch Life and I finish entering my wish list of DVDs into DVD Profiler. I’m finally complete. I get to bed right after Life is over (wow, that sounded bad) and read a few pages in Catch-22 before passing out. I was up too late watching Obama’s speech last night.

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