Monica and I wake up to the alarm clock at 6 AM. We promptly fall back asleep for about 15 minutes before jumping out of bed. We’ve got some voting to do. With all the talk about long lines and crazy voter turn out, we wanted to make sure that we got our vote in early before the madness. We walked down to the polling place and it was basically empty. I live in a small town, so I don’t know why I was expecting a line around the block.

After signing in, Monica votes and I wait my turn. This is my first vote ever, discounting minor stuff like class presidents during high school. I step into the booth and pull this big lever to one side. That closes the curtain behind me. I’m now faced with a huge panel consisting of many tiny switches with names on them. This is what the Wizard of Oz must feel like. I flip a few switches and then I’m confused as to how the hell I get out of this contraption. I pull the lever back to it’s starting position and hope I did that correctly.

Monica and I return to the apartment and realize that the whole voting thing took a lot less time than we thought it would. We get ready and head out to check in on Monica’s car. Midas still has some stuff to do, so they’ve gotten a rental car for her. After going in the wrong direction, we locate the Enterprise and wait as the cashier with the bad haircut goes through a bunch of crap. I’ve never rented a car before, but it seems like a pain in the ass. It definitely took way too long. Monica gets a car (the last one on the lot) and it’s got no gas in it. Running on fumes, she tosses in a few gallons and heads out. I get to work a few minutes late.

Once I go through emails and whatnot, I check on things online. The Internet is buzzing about the election today. Lots of people on FriendFeed and Twitter talking about voting. Everyone is very positive. It’s an interesting group to be a part of. Polls won’t be closing any time soon, so there won’t be any results until much later in the day.

I take my leftover Cheeseburger Pie and head downstairs for lunch. I eat and read more Catch-22. I’ve past the halfway mark of the book and I hope to finish it by the end of next week.

The rest of the day goes by like any other. I head out at 5:30 and touch base with Monica who has arrived at Midas. I won’t be able to meet up with her there, but she says she’s OK. There’s some construction blocking my usual route home so I end up driving around and passing the Midas. Monica is still there so I pull in just as she’s leaving. We head home and after getting stuck in the usual Tappan Zee Bridge traffic, we get back home.

Monica has to run though. She’s got yoga in Ossining, so after a quick change of clothes, she’s out the door. I pop in Rear Window and sit down to watch it. I’ve never seen the film before, but I loved it. There’s such an attention to detail about the movie. I just love what Hitchcock did with the whole thing. Very good picture.

After the movie, I check the polls online and see where things stand. Some states have already been called. I then watch the hour long documentary that was on the Rear Window DVD. Very cool with a lot of interesting tidbits. Monica gets home when I’m partway through this. I plan on flipping to Comedy Central as soon as this ends to watch Indecision 2008 as the polls close.

We watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as they announce a few states. There were some funny moments, but it wasn’t as good as the 2004 coverage they had. At 11, they officially announce the winner of the presidential race. Barack Obama has won. Awesome. I’m so excited. What a great moment.

Monica and I stay up a bit and catch John McCain’s speech from Arizona. The fans there were assholes. There’s no other excuse. Sure, your candidate didn’t win, but boo-ing the opposition and yelling out random things during the guy’s speech is just plain rude. That’s the part of America that I’m ashamed of. Monica fell asleep, but I stayed up to watch Obama’s speech. I’m filled with such inspiration when I see the man speak. It was a great speech and I’m really looking forward to the next 4 years.

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