After another mediocre episode this week, I’m ready to just give up on this season altogether. Let’s just call this one a mulligan and start over. And I think I know just want to do to fix all this mess.

Yes, we’ve got a veritable clusterfuck on our hands at the moment. Between the crazy peaks at a horrible future, the ever growing Petrelli / Bennet family, and the flip-flop of most of the characters, it’s just getting out of hand. Let’s fix it. That’ll be my super power. I’ll be the plumber cleaning the drain looking for what’s left of the show to save.

First off, characters are going to have to die. There’s too many of them and there’s not enough time or patience to include them all in the show. The writers have basically already forgotten about a few of them (Micah and his voodoo second family) but that’s not enough. If you don’t kill them off, at least write them out of the show like Maya in this week’s episode. She was a weak character and had no real place. Now she’s gone and hopefully will not return.

How to do this though? Easy. Jump into the future. For the entire season. Forget these little glimpses of a bizarre and confusing future. Give us the whole thing. Jump forward 10-15 years with the world broken and super powers running rampant. Even with these leaps in the evolution of mankind, I have a feeling that wars would be a lot more common and the country borders would be entirely re-drawn as super powered politicians and emperors stake their claim to land.

We’d be able to introduce a handful of new characters to start it off and they’d be able to bring in a few characters from the show so far that are living / hiding on the outskirts of civilization. Most notably of these characters would be Micah as a grown up. He’s prime for a story like this, especially after all the loss he’s suffered so far. These existing characters could also include Parkman, who’s power got so great that he banished himself to a desert somewhere to avoid hearing everyone’s thoughts and Sylar who exiled himself as a way of atoning for his sins. The new characters could go out in search of these old heroes in an effort to fix the world.

Sounds simple enough. Stop dipping your toe in the future pool and just do a cannon ball. That way you’d be able to dump characters at will, mentioning them here and there (ie: “Peter gave his life in the Great War of 2023.”) without worrying about writing out a complicated death story that won’t stick anyway. Best part about it? It’s a great jumping on point for NEW VIEWERS. You don’t need to know all the details about the show’s previous seasons. Hop on right there and go with the flow of these new heroes!

Now, this is just an idea. A fun one that came to mind a week ago, but nothing more. Odds are the show is going to further it’s downward spiral into even worse ratings while NBC continues to spoil every episode with their crappy commercials until it’s eventually canceled and the network panics when it realizes it has nothing else going for it.

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