Each episode of The Office walks a fine line between incredibly awkward and absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, there are some occasions where the show just falls into the strange and almost not funny abyss. I felt that last night’s episode “Baby Shower” had a few such falling moments. That’s not to say that the episode wasn’t good. It basically redeemed itself in the end, but the entirely unwarranted testing of Jan’s stroller by Dwight and Jan singing for no damn reason in the middle of her baby shower just left me on the edge of my seat, but not in a good way. I was sitting there waiting for the twist. Where is it? You’re supposed to have something weird happen followed by something that’s really funny. But the funny part didn’t come. Sure, Dwight had a few fun lines during this road test, but it just felt entirely out of place.

All was not lost though. There’s still a lot of great character developments to this episode, most notably with Michael. He’s been put through the ringer as of late and most of that has been because of Jan. Whether it’s reading his diary in front of a group of people or having a ridiculously awkward fight during a dinner party, Michael’s had some tough times. Jan having her sperm donor baby (who Michael is not related to in any way) without even telling Michael was the straw that broke the camel’s back though. He was thrust into this space where he finally realized that he was just not being appreciated in this relationship. It’s about damn time. At the end of the episode when Jan strangely asks him not to date Holly, you could almost here his balls drop and his spine grow in. He’s had enough and he’s not going to take it anymore! Michael marches right back in to the office and gives Holly the most awkward, yet heartwarming hug ever. The look in both of their eyes was priceless and Holly’s was filled with tears. Finally! These two dorks are meant to be together!

Speaking of meant to be together, can we please get Jim and Pam back together? You know that Michael will be just DYING to double date with them now that he’s with Holly. I’ve been walking on eggshells so far this season with the Jim and Pam relationship. I know Television’s tendency to destroy any good relationship where marriage isn’t involved so separating Jim and Pam geographically would be the obvious strain on them that would drive them apart. But no. We can’t have that. I’d probably boycott the show if they broke them up. Is this how soap opera fans feel about their shows? I’m so wrapped up in this relationship and it’s not even mine. (I love you, honey) The pseudo-exchange at the end of the episode was rather sweet and it (hopefully) shows that PB&J are stronger than your average sitcom couple.

But what else? Phyllis is still enjoying being the head of the party planning committee even though Michael seems to be getting on her chops about it. Angela’s first thought with a baby is to dress it up as a cornucopia. Dwight performed his own circumcision. (I’m not sure which of those last two is creepier)

I’ve got questions though. If Michael isn’t the father of Jan’s baby, who do you think it could be? I hope that they don’t just write it off as a stranger because it would be such a fun plot point. My money’s on Creed. He’s definitely the kind of guy that would donate to a sperm bank. Also, where was Ryan during this episode? Michael made it a point to explain that he’d be rather cold to Holly and Ryan when Jan was here, but he didn’t have to do so for our new-old-temp.

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