Greetings and salutations, alarm clock. Your glaring buzz awakens me once again at 6:30. Some episodes of Roseanne are watched and Monica doesn’t feel too good. A cold is on the rise. We both head off to work.

On the way in to the office I notice that there’s this one part of my commute that always smells like crap. It’s like there’s a huge vat of sewage just lingering on this one part of the road. I don’t notice it on the way home, but it’s always there in the morning. Horrible poo smell.

I get to the office and the usual stuff goes on. Emails, phone calls, Excel spreadsheets. Such exciting times that I live in with a computer and whatnot.

I grab my jacket and head downstairs for lunch. The reason for the jacket is the strange temperature drop down there. I don’t know if it’s the weird fountains or what, but it gets crazy cold during my break. I’m usually shivering by the end. I eat my leftover elbow macaroni and read more of Phantoms. The end of the book is approaching and I’ve got about 20 pages left by the time my break ends.

I get back to my desk and take care of the business for the rest of the day. Heading out at 5:30, I of course run in to traffic on the bridge. There are these stupid metal plates on parts of the road and everyone comes to an almost complete stop when going over them. This causes traffic to back up for ridiculous reasons.

Eventually, I get back to the apartment. Monica skipped the library, but is feeling a bit better. I make some DiGiorno Pizza for dinner. The commercials do the pizza justice. It’s pretty damn good. Monica and I eat and watch an episode of C.S.I.. I dig the show so far, but there needs to be a bit more of an overlaying arc for the season in order to really grab me. So far it’s been mostly about the cases that come in each week (aside from the first and second episodes).

I also received the latest book from the Hard Case Crime book club, Gun Work. In addition to the book, there’s a flyer for a sale for $1 books. I immediately call up and order all 13 of the back titles from the Hard Case Crime books. $21 shipped for 13 books. Awesome. I’ve been really digging this series so far too. Now to find some place to put all these…

Monica showers and I putz around on the computer for a bit. I figure out how to tag my DVDs in DVDProfiler so I’ve remade my list of Unwatched DVDs. It’s a bit bigger than it was at DVDSpot because I’ve got them separated by movie instead of pulling together box sets.

We watch The Office at 9. I’ve been a little cautious of the show this season because I’m terrified that the show’s creators are going to mess with the Jim and Pam relationship. This episode had it’s moments, but there were a lot that didn’t work. It was practically saved by the end though. Oh, maybe I’ll write a review! There was another SNL special after The Office. I shut it off before it was over though because it was just not funny. The show hasn’t been funny on Saturday. What makes them think it would be any better on a Thursday?

Monica does some thesis stuff and I read more Phantoms, eventually finishing the book. I think I’ll review this too, but I wasn’t too satisfied with the ending. Great middle, crap ending. I stay up and watch the beginning of The Daily Show to see their post-debate coverage. This didn’t seem as funny as it should be either. There were a few jokes that just didn’t land. All in all, not all that impressed. I get to sleep soon after.

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