I was filled with hope last week that the show’s writers had somehow managed to right this sinking ship that Heroes has become. I mean, here was an interesting twist and some great character driven story telling even if it held too much to the crazy time travel nonsense. Then there was this episode. Ugh. It’s like the writers thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if we had everyone in the show act entirely out of character and do shit they’d never ever do?” Yeah! That would be awesome! If “awesome” meant “a piece of garbage.”

Screw the roster this week. Everyone sucked. I’m just disappointed as a whole right now by how bad this show has gotten this week. I stuck through it all through season two while people were dissing it and dropping it. I was there. The entire season. And this is how you repay me? What even happened?

Claire goes on some stupid misguided crusade to get revenge or prove she’s tough or something. She ends up screwing that up and becoming a social worker to a portal-wielding nice guy. I guess she basically forgot all those horrible things that her father has done in the name of the company in the past and figured that hey, she could totally help. Claire might as well be selling cookies for a cheerleader fundraiser because that’s about how important she is at the moment. I have no idea how she’s destined to become the leader of a super powered military unit in just a few years if this is how she acts now.

There’s such potential there too. Claire was essentially violated by Sylar and now she can’t feel anything. Oh and Sylar is her friggin’ UNCLE. Whether or not either of them know they’re related is anyone’s guess, but damn is that interesting. By the end of the episode, Noah is painted as the bad guy, throwing Sylar and Claire together as unlikely allies. The willingness of Noah to team up with Sylar is still a little unbelievable.

Speaking of potential, you know what doesn’t have it? This horrible Mohindir plot line. So they’ve already ripped off The Fly and now it’s Spider-Man and Aliens. Seriously? Just stop already. What’s next? Will Mohindir release a bunch of mutant insect babies from his stomach? Or will he experiment with gamma radiation in an effort to cure himself? Oh, I know! He’ll start a super hero team with Micah and the forgotten New Orleans crowd! One plus side to this is the apparent death of Maya. Although with the show’s track record of killing off interesting characters (ie: Micah’s dad) and keeping horrible ones (ie: Ali Larter), I won’t hold my breath on the black tear crying Maya. I’m sure there are more people that need to manipulate her. (PS: Where do his webs come out?)

For the third week in a row NBC ruins the big reveal of the episode in their commercials. I understand that you’re trying to get some more viewers for this show, but telling us the big climax of the episode in a 30 second commercial isn’t the way to go. Maybe it would be better writing? Just a thought. OK, so Papa Petrelli is not dead and he’s gathering people for some sort of Brotherhood of Evil. Then what? And why did he need to put his wife in a psuedo-coma to do it?

Seriously, this season is called “Villains” but they should really re-title it “Failures” because that’s what this show and the characters within it have become. You’ve got Claire failing at being a tough girl, Hiro failing at being a hero, Nathan failing with faith, Mohindir failing in life and Peter failing at just about everything.

Recommended Reading: Judging by the end of the episode, Claire’s biological mom is in for some uncomfortable lovin’ from a mind-controller. That’s a pretty blatant lift from Alias by Brian Michael Bendis. The gathering of super powers could be somewhat resonant with Magneto’s group, so the first volume of Ultimate X-Men is worth a look too.

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