And now things get a lot more interesting. While this episode had elements seen in countless other episodes of Heroes (ie: Horrible future), this one just felt a little different. That super powered train is starting to get back on track. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll make something out of all this.

So what happened? We had some more info in the horrible future as the Peters jumped around and tried to figure out why things didn’t change when Future Peter went back to the past to shoot his brother and damn, I hate time travel. Anyway, more stuff happened, but let’s take a look at this week’s line up for the hoedown!

  • Peter (Present and Future) – OK, so with two Peters together, they should be able to figure this thing out, right? That is until Claire and her Cheerleader Death Squad show up and kill Future Peter! Oh no! Now who will fill the episodes with a horrible raspy voice? Present Peter goes on the run and knocks the Haitian in the head with a trash can lid to make his getaway via teleportation. Good to know he can think on his feet. Present Peter makes his way to Mohindir’s nest and looks for the whereabouts of Sylar. He somehow manages to get it along with a bunch of exposition without being incredibly creeped out and winds up in the old Bennet house. Seriously, does anyone in this show lose real estate? Every house / apartment / office is just handed over to someone else in the show. Some fights happen and for some reason Peter gets Sylar’s power. Why he needs to go through an elaborate grasshopper watchmaker’s apprenticeship to figure it out instead of just standing next to him is anybody’s guess. After choking out his brother, Nathan, more time travel happens and Present Peter returns to his time to try and fix the future…again. Let’s hope he does a better job than what how he did in the Future.

    Also, why does this “hunger” have such an effect on Peter? He’s not like Sylar. Peter can pick up anyone’s abilities just by being near them so why does he have to cut open people’s heads to get all the gooey bits?

  • Sylar – In a further effort to make us like Sylar (I think), they make him more likable (aka: less of a badass) by turning him into a waffle-making single (?) Dad in the future. Somehow Sylar becomes Gabriel, this mild-mannered stay at home father. How did this transformation occur? When the baddies barge into his home, I just wanted to see that evil bubble up to the surface again. It took the death of his son (who’s the mother?) to make Sylar go nuclear. Now what? In some cases I can see how Sylar and Peter are two sides of the same coin. These brothers both have powers and they’ve used them in entirely different ways. Suddenly it looks like they’re about the flip sides.
  • Mohindir – Seriously, I don’t care. Aside from turning into Mr. Smith at the end of Lost in Space, Mohindir doesn’t really do anything. Here’s a big lump of exposition and I’m going to be all creepy over here. Oh yeah, and my hands are all gooey. And another thing, if Future Peter is searching for this “person” that created this “formula” to give everyone powers, why didn’t he ask Mohindir first? I mean, that’s the first stop that Present Peter made. WTF?
  • Claire – So in the future Claire gets a dye job and a bad attitude. She leads her little group of powered assholes around to kill terrorists and it’s OK because her daddy is the President. Claire is another character that I’m losing interest in. If her transformation to the dark side doesn’t come soon, I’m writing her off too.
  • Nathan – Decisions, Decisions. So many desks! It’s a good thing the senator has voices in his head and crazy chicks to bang because how else is he supposed to get things done? Nathan’s purpose in the show seems to have been pushed aside this season. While he’s destined to become President, that idea is just overshadowed by his new brother Sylar. Who cares about the relationship between him and Peter when Peter’s got a new brother?
  • Parkman – Aww. Chubby Parkman gets a family in the future but he basically ends up being a bitch. It’s OK, Honey. Use our adopted daughter to find terrorists. I’ll just go make a pie or something because I’ve got nothing else to do. Parkman is another character that isn’t making the cut. While his intentions are noble, his plot line is well past it’s prime. Depositing him in Africa is a pretty big sign of that.
  • Hiro – Oh come on. I’m surprised that the show’s creators didn’t just play the old Benny Hill theme during Hiro’s scenes. Here’s this rascal trying to escape from his cell through the air vent. Oh! What will he think of next? How they managed to totally destroy this character is pretty despicable. The return of Adam Monroe is a bit interesting. I hope that Adam gives Hiro a run for his money though. Whip that little bastard into shape!
  • Tracy – Blah blah blah. Ice powers. I killed the Greatest American Hero. Oh, Superman scene. Look at my gigantic glasses of the FUTURE. DIE.

Recommended Reading: Want more info on what might happen if a super hero was responsible for a horrible attack on American soil like Costa Verde? Check out Marvel’s Civil War for more info. This might become required reading as it looks like Heroes is taking quite a bit from this one lately.

Yeah, that sums it up I think. This future thing is getting old. We get it. The future is fucked. What can we do to fix it? I’m not sure, but I think the tag team of Sylar and Peter will try. There’s a great super hero team up brewing there that’s just waiting to be exploited. Why did Mama Petrelli want Adam Monroe out and about? Who’s Sylar’s baby mama? And why name the kid Noah? Is Horn-Rimmed Glasses involved in Sylar’s redemption? Will Peter become this season’s big bad? What do you think?

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