I wake up around 9. After laying in bed for a little while, Monica and I eventually get up. Breakfast is had and some Dead Zone is watched. We finish up the last few episodes of the second season. Monica doesn’t feel too well, so we just relax and watch these episodes. Fortunately by the time they’re over, she feels much better.

The race coverage starts up at 1 and we start watching that. I continue inputting information into my DVDProfiler program. I still have a long way to go.

The race begins around 2:20. I’m keeping an eye on the time because we’ve got plans for tonight and I want to make sure we can make it OK. This week’s NASCAR race is at Talladega and it’s actually pretty exciting. Here are 43 cars zooming around a track at nearly 200 mph and they’re all bumping into each other or within an inch of one another. One false move and they’re all destroyed.

At one point during the race, the HD channel flickers out and we’re shown the regular non-HD feed. We start freaking out. I’m flipping channels and cursing at the TV, ready to call Cablevision and yell at them. Fortunately it came back about a minute later and was fine. Just goes to show you that once you go HD, you can’t go back. I know that didn’t rhyme or anything, but I don’t care.

We start getting ready around 5:30 with the race still going on. Monica and I are going to be heading up to Woodstock to see Zack and Miri Make a Porno at 9. We also plan on stopping by Monica’s parents’ house on the way. A red flag is thrown with 12 laps left. Carl Edwards caused a huge wreck and I’m heartbroken. We can’t wait any longer so we head out after I DVR the remainder of the race.

Once we get into the car, Monica begins flipping through radio stations in an effort to catch the end of the race. We find a station that’s broadcasting it and it’s going in and out as we get onto the bridge. We can make out what’s going on though. Then we get a bit further onto the bridge and it’s gone. By the sound of it there were only a few laps left too. Shit.

Monica calls her Dad and finds out who won on the way up. We get closer and closer to Woodstock and realize that if we do actually stop at her parents’ house, we’re not going to make it to the theater in time. A last minute decision is made and we head straight to the Film Festival. We end up getting there early and actually finding a parking spot in the little theater’s lot. With some time to kill, Monica and I take a walk around the area in search of a quick bite to eat. I realize early on that Woodstock is one of those towns that hates franchises and big corporations so the odds of me finding a Burger King are slim to none. We end up walking around a bit and stopping at a CVS to pick up some snacks.

We make our way back to the theater and meet up with Mark who will also be seeing the film. Small talk is made and we catch up on old times. I haven’t seen Mark in at least a year or two. They let us in around 8:50 and we find some seats. I decide to make a quick trip to the restroom. There I find a strange paradox. There’s a line for the men’s room, but not one for the women’s room. How did this happen? Fortunately the line is moving and I’m able to do my business (behind a door with no door knob) and get back to my seat before the show starts.

An announcer introduces the movie and points out that voter registration forms are available at the front of the theater. Good on them. Go vote! She also says that Kevin Smith is in the area and has went out for a drink. He said he wasn’t feeling all that well though due to some bad egg salad. However, he was interested in returning to do a brief Q&A. AWESOME!

The movie starts up and it was just fantastic. I’m going to write up a full review later, but suffice it to say that I loved it. I don’t think that there was one joke that fell flat. I plan on seeing it again when it hits theaters on Halloween because I missed a few lines due to EVERYONE in the theater laughing so hard. We waited until the very end of the film and everyone clapped. Unfortunately, Kevin Smith still wasn’t feeling well and would not be making an appearance. Damn. I had brought my copy of his book in hopes of getting a picture and/or him signing it. Oh well. I’ll try and meet him another time. I hope.

Monica and I say goodbye to Mark and begin our long trek home. I end up taking a slightly alternate route back to the Thruway and end up about 10 miles north of where we had gotten off before. Not sure how that happened. I’m incredibly tired and it’s around 11:30 or so. I decide to pull in to a rest stop to get a soda to help keep me awake. After a quick look around, I don’t spot any vending machines, so I stop at the only thing that was open which was a McDonald’s. While I was there, I figured I could get some fries. On the way out, I find the vending machines in a back corner with some arcade games. Damnit.

The fries and watered down soda help. I continue the drive and Monica falls asleep. We get back to the apartment around 1 and pass out.

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