Of all the TV shows returning this Fall season, Life was in the top 3 that I was looking forward to the most. The story of the exonerated detective, Charlie Crews somehow leading a (somewhat) normal life while trying to find out who set him up for the murder of a family was an interesting one. When we last saw Crews, he had found the man who committed the crime and put him away. Now he needs to find out who paid him to do it.

Thankfully this episode began with a brief recap getting us (mostly) up to date on what was going on. The last episode of the first season aired in December or January so it’s been awhile since I’ve seen the show. This episode had a strange group of murders. The victims were each found in trunks in odd locations. They were alive when they were placed into the trunks and suffocated while inside. Each trunk was numbered, but the detectives can’t find a connection between them.

The murderer in this case hates people that are happy. I can’t say that I was surprised when the killer’s identity was revealed though. It wasn’t that I didn’t suspect him. It was that he was the only suspect really. No one else was really there so the possibilities were pretty small.

This episode also saw the addition of Donal Logue to the cast as the new chief. I don’t remember what happened to the old chief to cause her to be demoted (or where she is for that matter as she didn’t appear in this episode). Logue brings a pretty creepy character to the cast, but one that has the New York mentality in the LA surroundings. He’ll bring some comedic relief to the show too.

I feel like this episode served more to get the audience re-acquainted with Charlie Crews and his partner, Detective Dani Reese. It held off on the sub-plot of Crews’ other investigation into who set him up until the very end. Instead we’re treated to a typical cop show but with an atypical cop. Crews is probably the most interesting character in Television today, in my opinion. After going through all that he’s been through, he gets back on the force despite being shunned by other cops and somehow shines through with a smile on his face. I guess in a way he’s just thankful to be outside and in the sunlight again. This strange personality clashes with the harsh “real world” vibe that comes from Reese and the rest of the LAPD for that matter. It’s strange to think that someone that seems happy can seem like such a foreign idea in the eyes of the police force and the area.

Anyway, this episode was a great return to the character. My only concern about Life is where will it stand when Crews inevitably finds out whodunit. The current evidence points to Reese’s father as the culprit, but why? And where will that leave Reese and her relationship with Crews? Speaking of their relationship, I’m very thankful that it’s kept entirely professional and not the least bit romantic. In any other show, they’d be in a weird tension filled partnership by now. But what do you think? The next episode will be seen in Life‘s regular time slot of Friday at 10 PM. That’s like the graveyard of TV watching. It seems like NBC just doesn’t want people to watch the show if it’s positioned way back there so please check it out. It’s worth it.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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