Second week in and here we go. Aside from the fact that I think that the commercials ruined one of the most interesting parts of this episode (Sylar working for the Company), I thought this third chapter in this collection was just OK. Heroes is going to have to work a lot harder to bring me back to the full fanboy status that it held me at during the first season.

Now on to the roster!

  • Sylar – He’s a company man? As I mentioned, I thought that the commercials for this episode totally ruined this really cool plot twist. What was worse was that the episode seemed to basically neuter the coolest and scariest part of the entire show. After terrorizing us with Sylar’s attack on Claire in the first episode, he’s now a tie wearing partner for Noah and ready to help bring these bad guys to justice. This really ticked me off. It confused me too. Why would Mama Petrelli (and Mama Sylar for that matter) think this is a good idea? Sure, my son is a mass murdering psychopath, but he just needs a little love. Sending him out to bring in the very people that he’s been killing seems like a great idea. Of course, someone like Sylar can’t be rehabilitated in a day and he cuts up one of the loonies that escaped from Level 5 adding the power of the Black Canary to his repertoire. Then he goes back to the cell for his time out. Yup. Seems he’s been neutered.
  • Hiro – Speaking of ruining characters, Hiro, who has had some of the most epic adventures of the series, has no been reduced to a cartoon. Adam West would be laughing at this ridiculous back and forth at this point. He actually tried to steal half of the formula from The Haitian by having Ando dress up like an usher. Seriously? The one interesting part of this is that Hiro and Ando end up in Level 5 right next to Sylar. This will be an interesting development, especially if Sylar sets his eye on Hiro’s powers.
  • Claire – Entering the Danger Room…err…storage container, Claire begins training with her real mom, the fire chick. So she sweats a lot and then storms off in a huff. During the “training” she reveals that her intentions aren’t really noble. She’s not out to save people. She wants to hurt Sylar. Hmm… This can become interesting now that the whole Sylar / Claire conflict has become a family affair. This is one severely messed up family too when you throw in Claire’s birth mother and her adopted parents. Anyway, Claire seems to be back to a sort of normal, until we see her driving ominously into the darkness with a box of Company files. Is she hunting now? And can she feel anything now? That wasn’t mentioned at all during this episode.
  • African Guy – I had this really cool thought during the first scene featuring the African guy. What if he picked up the power of psychic painting after Isaac died? What if there are only a certain amount of powers in the world and when one person with powers dies that ability is passed on to someone else in another part of the world. Sylar would be destroying this chain by stealing the powers for himself. This interesting theory was crushed though when our Britney Spears loving painter said he’s been doing this since he was a kid. A big question is raised though. What exactly is he listening to on that CD player? Is that his version of the heroin that Isaac used to shoot up?
  • Tracy (Nikki?) – Just what I was hoping wouldn’t happen, ended up happening. Feeling curious about this doppelganger that’s been running around, Tracy looks up Nikki and finds her funeral in New Orleans. In walks Micah and he takes the appearance of an exact look-a-like of his mother quite well. After talking and managing to hold back his abandonment issues, the tech-savvy kid turns to the computer to help out Tracy. It seems that Tracy and Nikki share the same birthday and birth place. She goes in to investigate and finds a creepy doctor who says that he “created” her. This can only mean one thing and it’s a horrible thought to any comic book fan: Clones. Did they learn nothing from Spider-Man? Ugh.
  • Noah – This guy again proves that he’s a badass. Forget Mohindir. Noah is the man and he’s got no powers. He’s just awesome. Somehow he doesn’t lose his shit when he’s partnered with Sylar and then goes into a bank unarmed against a horde of angry powered individuals looking to kill him. That’s balls right there. He has on his “I Told You So” face at the end when Sylar returns to a cell. I feel like Noah always has a plan so I’ll be interested to see what’s going on in his head as the story develops.
  • Peter / Future Peter – Present Peter gets whisked out of the chubby Francis Capra’s body by Future Peter and then they disappear. There will probably be more on this later. I’m actually a little disappointed that they didn’t stick with the whole identity theft thing a bit longer. There was a lot that they could have done with it. Although, with Peter’s mom and Noah knowing the truth about his identity, they probably had to end it.
  • Nathan – Not much for our new Senator, except his peek at the Bible. As I mentioned before, faith can be a dangerous thing when combined with super powers. Time will tell on this one.

So what did you think? Do you hate the return of Mohindir’s stupid closing monologue (even though he wasn’t even IN this episode)? Will a catfight develop between Claire’s real mom and her adopted mom? Judging by the way she’s driving, is Claire on her way to Kill Bill? Did anyone actually miss Mohindir and Maya?

Since NBC can’t go without teasing the next episode, it’s safe to say that Mohindir is the one that makes the formula to give everyone powers. I’m sure there are more specifics, but the biggest part of it has already been ruined by the previews. I understand that NBC is struggling to get the ratings back up on this show, but do they really need to show me the best parts like Future Peter being shot by Future Claire? C’mon! Give me a little something to be surprised about!

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