It’s back! It’s back! Oh, happy day! The Office is back! I didn’t realize how much I missed the show until 30 seconds before it started when I was sitting on my bed with my knees held up to my chest and a big smile on my face. I felt like a little kid.

Surprisingly, this episode jumped right to the theme song instead of giving us a little clip to whet our appetites at first. Fortunately after the theme song, it jumped right in to the fun and just kept going. For the first time we were shown what the summer is like at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. Usually the first episode of the season just jumps into the fall and skips the summer. This time we were treated to some summertime fun. There was a company wide contest. Whichever branch lost the most weight was given some extra vacation time. Hilarity ensues.

While I thought the show was absolutely hilarious, I think that what really struck me was the growth shown from each character. Kelly stands up for herself and puts down Ryan when he’s looking to rebuild his life. Pam’s getting involved with what she loves instead of wasting away behind a receptionist desk and of course, Jim proposes. I’m SO glad that they didn’t wait to do that. Sure, it happened at the very end of the episode, but it was worth it. If they dragged it on and on and left it open-ended, then it would have been torture. It’s about time and it was just so perfect…in the rain…in front of a gas station.

What’s really special about The Office is that while it can be completely ridiculous and uncomfortably awkward at times, there are these other moments that really tug at the heartstrings. Jim’s proposal was one of them. Michael’s self-esteem boost for Kelly was another. Sure, it ended with his head in her boobs and he was wearing a fat suit, but it was rather heartwarming. Michael can be and is a complete idiot, but there are these times that he shows that he really does care deeply about these people he works with.

Speaking of Michael, it’s almost tough to watch him tread so close to a relationship with new HR rep, Holly. They’re obviously perfect for one another and its almost like that fact is what’s pushing Michael away and making him doubt it deep inside. Can Michael and Holly become the new Jim and Pam? Not a chance, but they could create a really sweet (and incredibly dorky) couple.

On the couple front, I’m dreading what might happen with Andy. You can’t help but look at him with all that he has to put up with with tiny Angela and not want to be on his side. He’s the nice guy here. He wants what’s best for his gal and she’s just turning this love from him into awkward, sweaty warehouse sex with Dwight. This is going to blow up and when it does, Andy is going to put more than his fist through a wall. All those anger management classes won’t me a damn thing when he finds out that Dwight’s been doinking his fiancee behind his back.

I’m just so happy that this show is back. An hour long episode was a perfect way to start this season off. Just give me an overdose of the show now and then slowly lower the time spent over the next few weeks. I’ll be OK by the time 30 Rock comes back. So what did you think? Am I the only one that thought that Michael with a goatee looked like “Evil Michael”? Is Ryan genuine in his quest to redeem himself or is he just trying to climb the ladder again? Will Pam and Jim make it during the next few months? And seriously, who is the father of Jan’s baby? My money’s on Toby. It would just make things so damn funny and it would probably turn Michael into the Hulk.

Rating: ★★★★★

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