So I went without comics for three weeks for a variety of reasons. I finally picked up my batch of comics this week and there were about 30 waiting for me. Since there are that many I figured I’d break down my reviews in threes. I just finished my Marvel comics so here are the reviews for them. Next up will be the DC batch and I’ll finish up with the other publishers (IDW, Dark Horse, Image, etc) in one post. Here we go!

  • Amazing Spider-Man #570 – 572 – This is what I’m talking about! We went through all of Brand New Day so far to get to this. Anti-Venom is a great idea and I love what they’re doing here. Let’s just hope that they can keep it up. A few loose threads were tied up with these three issues and I loved that. This arc should have come a lot earlier, in my opinion. It definitely has a great old-school Spidey feel to it and I really didn’t miss Mary Jane at all during these issues. It’s not a big deal that Parker’s not married right now because he seriously doesn’t have time to worry about things like that. Between finding a job, keeping an eye on Aunt May, and trying not to be killed / arrested by the Thunderbolts, he’s pretty busy here. Not to mention avoiding getting “cured” of his powers by Anti-Venom. I believe that there’s one more issue left in this arc and I’m really looking forward to it.
    Rating: ★★★★½
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #5 – It’s books like this that make me not want to drop comics. This book came out of left field for me and I absolutely love it. While I’m a little annoyed that Secret Invasion seems to be forced into this book, the writers have somehow made it work in such a way that takes the focus off of the Skrulls and more on the characters in the team. As I mentioned with the previous issue, Knowhere seems to have a definite Babylon 5 aspect to it now with the delegates and whatnot. That definitely fits around the basis of it’s existence. This issue shows the team beginning to fall apart and everyone except Rocket Raccoon at odds with one another. The appearance of a new female Starhawk creates more trouble and Drax the Destroyer is out to…well…destroy. When I finally do pull the plug on my weekly comics purchases, this will be a book that will be sorely missed.
    Rating: ★★★★★
  • Invincible Iron Man #5 – Speaking of books that I’ll miss, this issue continues Stane’s terrorist attacks on Tony Stark and his company around the world. I love how right Stane seems in his actions. I’ve never been a big Iron Man fan, but this book just feels huge (that’s what she said?). It has this big super hero / villain battle thing going on and that fits perfectly for this character. Iron Man needs to fight incredibly powerful and somewhat insane but brilliant technology based villains. He has that in Stane. The last page of this issue is unbelievable and I’m really looking forward to the next one. Stane is a madman, but he’s certainly fun to watch.
    Rating: ★★★★½
  • Mighty Avengers #18 – Ok. We get it. The Skrulls have been around for awhile. Secret Invasion is a big payoff for an Avengers story from a few years ago. Honestly though, why not put some of this info in the EVENT book? While I love the idea of Nick Fury secretly training a bunch of forgotten super powered step-kids, the tie-in bullshit with this event is starting to get out of hand. It’s like they’re sticking to the main story in the event book and using this book and New Avengers to map out EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of where the Skrulls have been and what they’ve done since that first New Avengers arc. They waited too long to pull the trigger on this and now it’s requiring too much backstory. I loved the idea at first, but now it’s dragging on. Let’s get on with this already and back to some Avengers ass-kicking.
    Rating: ★★½☆☆
  • Secret Invasion #6 – Which brings me to Secret Invasion and some Avengers ass-kicking. Seriously, this should have been issue #3. The past 3 issues have been pretty lackluster and building up to this. The Skrulls in all their might on one side and just about every super power in on the Marvel planet Earth on the other. Let’s get it on. We get a few beautiful pages of tremendously epic fight scenes (with of course, Spider-Man swinging around attached to no one knows what as my fiancee pointed out) drawn by Leinel Yu. While I dug the issue, I’m just a little jaded that we’ve waited this long for it and all the crap we had to deal with in the Savage Land to get to this point. I’m just looking forward to the end of this at this point because as usual, the GIANT EVENT that’s supposed to COMPLETELY CHANGE the status quo of the Marvel Universe is shaping up to do absolutely nothing. Also, was that a Galactus Skrull in the background? Are you kidding? Why even bother fighting if you’ve got the power of a friggin’ planet eater?
    Rating: ★★★★☆
  • Secret Invasion Inhumans #2 – While things are going crazy on Earth, the Inhumans are fighting Skrulls already on the moon. Instead of dicking around in Antarctica for awhile, they just got right to it. Where are the Skrulls? Ok, let’s beat the shit out of them. Done. The people on Earth need to take a lesson from the Inhumans. No wasting time here. There was a problem and they’re addressing it. Meanwhile, Black Bolt is busy being tortured and making stupid faces on some Skrull ship somewhere. Seriously, the artist depiction of his shocked face with the “*” quote was one of the most inadvertently funny images I’ve seen in awhile.
    Rating: ★★★☆☆
  • Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers #3 – I’m a big fan of both the Runaways and the Young Avengers, but this book just felt weird and out of place. Sure they teamed up…sort of, but it didn’t really do all that much. The two teams really just need to work together and be a super team of teenagers with attitude. This issue finished up their story and gave us some more mumbo jumbo about the prophecy that I think the Skrulls don’t even know about anymore. There’s a God that loves you and there’s also this prince that’s supposed to unite everyone and I’m sure there’s more stuff going on. Somehow with all of these mismatched beliefs the Skrull Empire was able to infiltrate the human race and invaded. If that’s the case, Earth deserves it. Oh, and I laughed out loud at Molly’s comment when she heard Skrull-Speak. That was just perfect.
    Rating: ★★★½☆
  • Ultimate Origins #4 – I used to love the Ultimate books. At one point I was reading all of them and really enjoying them. Then I realized that they were really just rehashing old 616 stories and just got bored. Now I only read Ultimate Spider-Man. I picked this up hoping for some more excitement from what has become a pretty boring universe. If this book would have come out 5 or even 2 years ago, I would have been all over it. Now though? It’s pretty boring. So Bruce Banner new Peter Parker’s dad? They were both scientists so that seems pretty logical and not shocking at all. The cause of Parker’s parents’ death was a little interesting and gives us a little perspective but I honestly can’t remember any other interaction between Banner and Parker that would have shown a sort of emotion that would have hinted at that. I’ll probably pick up the next and last issue just to see how this ends, but I’m not going to pick up Ultimatum. Sorry folks, but you lost me on this.
    Rating: ★★☆☆☆
  • Uncanny X-Men #502 – Continuing right where the last issue left off, we’re treated to some great fight scenes as Wolverine and Nightcrawler tear through some Hellfire Cult punks. I don’t know anything about the Red Queen, but I’m looking forward to the showdown that’s set up for the next issue. I also don’t really care about Dazzler or Pixie so following either of them is an immediate turn off for me. Greg Land’s art, while often criticized, fits this book well. You’ve got these fantastic abilities coming out of people and it works to have things look a little glamorous. The descriptions for each character were also great and added a bit of humor to the book in some harsh moments. All in all, not a bad issue, but not super great either.
    Rating: ★★★★☆
  • X-Factor #35 – If Guardians of the Galaxy is a book that I’ll be missing when I drop comics, it’s issues like this one that make me want to burn every issue I have. I really dig Peter David’s writing, but even his wit can’t make the art look even passable. This is probably the absolute worst art I’ve seen in a comic book ever. I almost couldn’t get through the issue. Somehow I persevered and I was able to finish it, but I came so close to just jabbing my eyes out with a spork instead. I don’t understand how Marvel would actually pay someone to draw like that. I could do better if I wiped my ass on a piece of loose leaf paper. Just write the dialogue around the poop and you’ve got a better looking issue. I love the characters in X-Factor, but I cannot continue reading this book if the artist stays. If his fingers aren’t broken, I just don’t know what to do. I can’t buy the book anymore to show support for something like this. Goodbye X-Factor. We had a good run up until these 3 most recent issues. I’m done now.
    Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Tune in later this week for more reviews from the other books I picked up including Buffy, The Boys, Action Comics, All Star Superman, Green Lantern and more!

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