Another week, another episode of “THE TOP RATED NEW SHOW OF THE SEASON” (there’s been what? Like two new shows so far? This and the new 90210 on the CW maybe? Tough crowd). This episode gave us some more weird, crazy science coupled with a tweak of more information and just enough intrigue to keep me coming back for the next episode.

So let’s see what we’ve got this time around. This episode starts off in a hotel room, just like the one before it. Will this be a theme for the show? After having fun in a seedy motel room, a creepy dude gets ready to perform some weird looking experiment on his lady friend. Only before he’s able to inject her with the orange syringe, she starts going crazy. A baby is growing inside her at an alarming rate. So he did what any one-night-stand guy would have done in this situation: Dropped the bitch off at a hospital and drove away. Way to go, guy.

Then something weird happens, the lady dies and our new team of wacky investigators is called in to have a look. They find that the baby came out and immediately aged 80 some-odd years and died right there on the floor. This created my favorite phrase of the night in “80 year old man baby.”

So what the hell do we make of all this? After a meeting of the Board of Weird Science head by the tall creepy black guy who is interrupted frequently by the cyborg arm lady from Massive Dynamic, our troubled trio hits the hotel room to look for clues. A connection is made to an old case that the girl (I’m really too lazy right now to look up everyone’s names. Can you tell?) worked on with the agent that died in the pilot. Some more investigation happens and we find that Old Man Bishop may be behind this thing (and many others) from his experiments 30 years ago. Seriously? No one figured that our earlier?

This episode continued further into the land of the weird when the baby daddy from the beginning turns out to be a test tube baby grown in a lab to become a soldier in 3 years. He kills women and steals their pituitary glands in order to stay young. Totally makes sense right? Of course, after a fancy camera is introduced and super mad scientist goggles are put on, the show again borders on the criminally insane. It’s on a very fine line for me right now. On one side you’ve got cool X-Files-like crazy science and on the other side you’ve got literally insane made up fantasy science that is just ridiculous. Toss in the beginnings of the obligatory forced romance between the two lead actors and you’ve got your show. The “shocker” ending, which I think I know what I saw, but I’m not 100% sure, was interesting…if it was what I think it was. Otherwise, I’ve got no idea really.

I thought that the actors were a lot better in this episode than the pilot. It’s like they got to know their characters a bit more and they’re now a lot more comfortable in them. I thought that Joshua Jackson was a lot better too. He’s managed to shed a tiny bit of that babyface persona he’s got for this character. The father / son dynamic between him and Old Man Bishop fit the show’s quirky nature too.

The GIGANTIC LOCATION WORDS are still there too, much to my dismay. They might as well have a narrator screaming the location at me. Don’t they know that in text, ALL CAPS means you’re yelling?

Rating: ★★★½☆

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