I wake up at 6:30 to the alarm clock. I slept a lot better last night, but I’m still sore from Monday’s exercise. Monica and I watch some King of Queens and get on with our morning. I head out to work around 8.

As I pull into the parking lot at the office, I realize that I forgot my lunch. Damnit. I’ll have to pick up some food and wait until tomorrow for my taco melt leftovers. Normal office stuff begins. Emails are checked and all that.

I head downstairs around 12:30 to get something to eat. While I could venture out and get a bite to eat elsewhere, I don’t really feel like it. Plus I don’t know where I would even go. I’d probably end up going to Taco Bell or something and I just had tacos. I end up getting a slice of pizza with chicken. I sit and read Peace Like a River in the cafeteria until my break is over.

I return to my desk and catch up on a few things. I get an email from former co-worker Jordan (Look! You made it into the blog!) and then shoot a quick email to Mike and Jeff. Since this is my first time driving into the city and I seriously have no idea how long it will take me to get in, Alan said I could head down at 2 (for a 3:30 meeting). I then head out on my journey to the Big Apple.

The ride goes fine without any problems. My iTrip gets a little fuzzy as I neared the George Washington Bridge, but aside from that, there were no real issues. After driving down the West Side Highway for a bit, I leave my car in a parking garage and get to the Visible World office around 2:45. I’m way early. Fortunately, Jeff and Mike are around so we chat for a little while and catch up. While I saw Mike just last week, I haven’t seen Jeff in over six months.

Charles arrives a few minutes late and Mike begins the presentation. They go over what they do and show examples. Fun stuff. It was interesting to sit next to Charles during the meeting because I could practically hear the gears moving in his head thinking up all the things that we could do. There’s some discussion afterwards and we part ways. All in all, I think the meeting went pretty well.

After I pick up my car and drop the $30 (to be expensed later) on my parking, I venture north and away from the city. It’s interesting that while I’m still nervous, since I’m in New York City, I’ve become a total New Yorker. It was the same way last week when I was down here and weaving through the pedestrians to get to my destination quicker. In this case I was yelling at other cars as they sort of weaved and flowed in and out of my lane. Even with the yelling, I didn’t honk my horn though, so I guess I can’t be considered a true New Yorker just yet.

I was fortunate not to have to deal with too much traffic. I got on 87 and made it to Scarsdale and the comic book store. I made it in and out of the city without being shot, stabbed, or blown up. Hooray! Then disaster struck. There was a big sign out front that explained that UPS had delivered all of the comics to another location. There are no new comics here. Feeling sad, I didn’t even walk into the store. I just turned and skulked back to my car then head back to the apartment.

I get back home around 6:15 or so. Monica was gathering her stuff together. She’s heading up to her parents’ house for the night because she’s got to be at a doctor’s office in New Windsor in the morning. After checking traffic a few times, she’s off and I’m alone.

I wasn’t all that hungry, so I snacked on some Tostitos and watched City of God. The film is just amazing. My review will hopefully expand on this more, but it’s seriously such a great movie.

After the movie, I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica and was again impressed by just how good it was. The end of every episode has my jaw dropping and me exclaiming “This show is just so damn good.” I chat with Monica online for a little while and then get to bed.

I finish Peace Like a River and then got to sleep. This is the first time I’ve gone to sleep without her next to me since she moved in. It was just weird. I’ve gotten so used to her just being there that it was tough to get to sleep. I manage to finally to get to sleep after midnight or so.

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