Truth be told, I’ve never gotten high. I’ve read about it. I’ve seen it in movies and first hand, but I’ve never smoked the ganja. I don’t know if that would have really effected my view of the latest film from Apatow Productions, Pineapple Express. When I first saw the trailer a few months ago, I thought this movie looked awesome. Unfortunately, it just didn’t click for me.

Don’t get me wrong, Pineapple Express is definitely funny. There are many, many laugh-out-loud moments. They just come between these incredibly awkward action sequences and disjointed, unfunny scenes. The movie plays like a horribly designed roller coaster. There are times that you’re going along fine and having a lot of fun and then there are these points that you’re stuck upside down in the loop-de-loop and you’re waiting for the carny guy to come over to push the coaster so it can continue down the rest of the loop. There are these abrupt stops for the film where things go from being great to being dry and boring. The pacing was just way off which made the film feel amateurish or almost unfinished.

Seth Rogen is great as usual, however there are some scenes where I felt like he was over-acting. That might have been because James Franco seemed to not really give him anything to work with. It definitely seemed that Franco isn’t as comfortable improving (as is usually the case in Apatow films) and Rogen just acts circles around him.

As I mentioned above, I didn’t hate the movie, but it is far from my favorite Apatow production. It’s worth checking out if you’re a fan of some of the other films from that camp and it’s definitely worth seeing if you’re a fan of stoner films. If anyone sees the film under the influence, let me know if you enjoyed it more or less.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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