Yes, I’m writing a blog post about Christmas in the first week of July.  That’s how far behind I am on this thing.  Anyway, I started this here blog after being inspired by Kevin Smith’s My Boring Ass Life.  If he could do it, why can’t I?  So, for the year of 2008, I wrote up a post about what I did every single day.  There were days in which nothing much happened aside from me getting up, eating breakfast, and watching some DVDs.  Fortunately, 2008 was actually a pretty eventful year for me.  I was laid off after the company I worked for went out of business.  I was unemployed for about three weeks before starting a new job.  A stranger sent me porn.  Monica and I moved in together and then we got engaged.  Not bad.

I was surprised to find that people actually read the thing.  It was like a morning paper for some friends and family.  They may not read every one, but if they caught it either here or on Facebook (where the blog began), they read it.  At my high school reunion, I had a friend whom I hadn’t seen in close to ten years tell me that he knew all about my life for that span of time due to it.  I think that’s both creepy and comforting.

After awhile, I got tired of doing this every day and wanted to write about specific events such as the story of my first Rubik’s Cube and the posts became fewer and less frequent.  I thought a cool idea would be to compile all of 2008’s blog posts into one big file and print it up as a book.  I started this project in my spare time but quickly forgot about it.  The blog posts are all here and/or on Facebook so I could go back and read them if I ever wanted to.  I just didn’t.


Then Christmas 2013 came.  Monica and I don’t usually do big gifts for each other.  I’d be happy with a box of Cracklin’ Oat Bran and an Amazon gift card from just about everybody.  So, it was surprising when Monica presented me with a one of a kind, two volume set of my life in print form.  She had painstakingly copied every single blog post, formatted it, and had it printed into two books (January – June and July – December).  This is one of the many reasons why my wife is awesome and I love her dearly.  She knew I would never do this myself and went ahead and did it for me.  She had done something like this for me once before, early on in our relationship.  She bought me an iPod, knowing that I wanted one but would most likely never buy it.  I still have that and it still works.  It has my name on the back and the words “Poop Marble” which I assure you, is not her pet name for me.

The books now stand proudly on a shelf in our living room, away from the copious amount of books that we have filling up shelves in the newly formed office / library downstairs (more on that later).  They signify a slice of my life in which some important and some not so important things happened to me.

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