The alarm clock wakes me up at 6:30. Monica and I watch some more King of Queens and finish up the normal morning routine. I head to work around 8.

Since I was in the city yesterday, today feels like a bizarro Monday. This feeling carries through most of the day. I get to the office around 8:30 and catch up on the emails and voicemail from the day before. I get through most of it and work through a project that takes up most of my morning.

I sign up for blippr which looks like a Twitter / Flixster hybrid. You can write very brief reviews for movies, books, and video games. It’s compatible with Facebook and Friendfeed, but I’m not sure if I like it or not. I tried out one or two “blips” but nothing much else. This might fall into the realm of the other social networking sites that I’ve tried and left.

I head downstairs around 1 for my lunch break. I eat the last of our leftovers from Uno’s. After a heated debate, Monica left me one of the delicious potato skins that she loves so much. I eat and read Peace Like a River for a bit. After I finish with my food, I mosey outside and read some more by the pond or lake or whatever it is. Three guys ask to sit at the table with me and I can’t really say “No” so they sit down. After about 10 or 15 minutes of listening to them blabber on about how much they pay for cable, I head back inside and continue reading.

The rest of the day goes by like normal. I head out around 5:30 and make terrific time over to the comic book store. This week was a huge haul of something like 15 comics. I hate that comics come out so unevenly. There are week’s that I only get like 6 issues and then there are these monster weeks like this one. I head back to the apartment and arrive just before 7.

I talk with Monica for a little while and then get to cooking. I make some steaks and a Pasta Side and then we watch a few episodes of The Pretender. I read some comics while Monica showers and then we watch a Best Buy bonus DVD I picked up for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End which we watched yesterday. The features on this disc were more entertaining than the movie. They had some pretty interesting set ups to create some of the effects seen in the movie.

We read some more comics and get to bed around 11:30 or so.

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