I have had my issues with GameStop in the past but my Black Friday experience takes the cake. I went there to pick up three games: Heavy Rain, Assassin’s Creed II, and Battlefield Bad Company 2. They were on sale for $15, $10, and $10 respectively, all new. It turns out that they were also having a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale on used games. The place was barren when I walked in and the three associates jumped to help me. I told them the games that I wanted and they suggested that I’d probably get a better deal with the used games. I agreed and they rang them all up and told me the total of $54. Wait. What?

So I could buy these three games brand new for $35 but it costs $20 more if I buy them used? I tell that to the guy and he says “Well, you get one free.” Yes, that’s correct, but if I have to pay an extra 20 bucks to get one free it’s not much of a deal, is it? The cashier and one of the other associates were both holding to their story that I’d get one free and that would be the better deal. Sure, it would be a better deal for them because the markup on used games is ridiculous but it wouldn’t be much of a benefit for me. I left with my three new games while shaking my head.

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