Yes, I have a lot to write about with buying a house and a few other things, but this just happened and I’m excited about it.

About a year ago I started writing news and reviews for HorrorTalk, focusing mainly on comics. I did it not because I like horror as a genre as it’s not my favorite by far, but because I like comics. That was it really. Since then I’ve gotten in touch with several publishers and I’ve been writing up news and reviews on a regular basis. I even got quoted on the back of the Nanny & Hank trade paperback. The growth we’ve had at the site has been great. Now it’s even better.

I received a press pass for the New York Comic Con. To come from having absolutely no comic book coverage to getting accepted as press for a major comic convention is such validation for the work I’ve done on HorrorTalk. This will be my first convention too so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. It’s not as big as the San Diego one in July but it’s the largest on the east coast and it’s a quick train ride away for me. Who knows? Maybe I can piggyback on this and get into the San Diego one next year. Of course, I’d have to pay to get there but that’s something else entirely. Plus I’d have to be able to bring Monica because while she’s not interested in the NYCC, she might want to go to San Diego if for nothing else than to see Joss Whedon.

I’m going to have to get a new battery for my MacBook in preparation and I’ll make sure to have my phone, video camera and probably my wife’s digital camera with me at all times to bring all the updates to HorrorTalk as soon as possible.

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