It’s no secret that we’ve had some bad luck when it comes to pets. Despite that, Monica and I wanted to get another pair of kittens. We spoke with the same cat rescue place that we used last time and set everything up some time ago. After the horrible experience we went through we wanted to make sure that any kittens that came into our home were as safe as possible. We cleaned everything we possibly could and had the kittens vaccinated. We were able to pick them up a week or two after we got back from our honeymoon.

Meet our new kittens, Darwin and Nolan. Darwin is the tabby and slightly smaller than his brother Nolan. They’re from the same litter and they’re now about 15 weeks old.

They’ve been home for a few weeks and so far they’re doing well. We have had some minor difficulties though. Nolan came down with a parasite that caused him to just kind of leak diarrhea out of his ass. Everywhere he went he’d leave these little drops of poop. This resulted in a lot of cleaning on our part and just trying to keep up with him. At night we’d isolate him in the bathroom because it was the one room that we could actually close up. Every morning I’d have to clean the entire bathroom and then I’d have to clean the cat. It was an experience. Fortunately his pooper stopped leaking yesterday and it was a glorious day.

Now they’re just being kittens and it’s great.

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