About a month ago I officially cut the cord. I received a notice from Cablevision telling me that my Triple Play deal (Phone, Cable, and Internet for $100 a month) was coming to an end. I wasted no time and called Cablevision to cancel my phone and cable. I had no real use for them anymore. We held on to the phone because we sent out wedding invites with our number on them. Absolutely no one called us so we didn’t see a need to hold on to the service. Plus we barely watch TV especially now that LOST is over.

My call was quickly answered and the guy on the other end tried to convince me to keep the services. He offered to extend the Triple Play deal which was tempting but I’d still be dropping an extra $50 for services I wasn’t using. He asked what I would be doing for cable, even basic. I explained that I purchased a digital antenna so I get the basic channels for free and I’ve hooked up a computer to my Television to watch things like Hulu and YouTube whenever I want. He didn’t have much of an answer to that. When asked about phone service, I pointed out that both myself and my fiancee had cell phones. The cable guy asked what I would do if the network went down. I told him if I needed to get in touch with anyone I would email them because I’d still have Internet service.

So with that, my service was turned off. My $100 bill was now half that. Despite what they said on their site, the Internet service isn’t $30 a month. That offer is only available for new customers even though they were ready to offer me the Triple Play deal and free HBO.

Fast forward to last week. I’ve now been without phone or cable for about 4 weeks and I haven’t noticed a change in my day-to-day activities. Friday afternoon I get a call from Cablevision. The woman on the line asks me what I’m doing for phone and cable. I explain my situation just like I did when I canceled the service. She allegedly didn’t know what Hulu was or that you can watch complete episodes of TV shows online for free whenever you want. I suggested she check it out. I also pointed out that I canceled the service less than a month ago and she had no real reply to that so the call was ended. Is Cablevision that unorganized that they’re calling me so quick after canceling? Or is this how their sales team works?

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