So it’s a bit later than I thought I’d be writing this but at least I’m not taking months to write about a vacation I took 8 months ago. The day after I drove into the city for the A&E upfront presentation, I found myself driving down there once again. This time it was for a panel discussion hosted by Collective, which is an online ad network that we’ve used on a few campaigns. I looped Rob into this as well because it seemed like something he’d be interested in.

I left work a little early and got down there at least a half hour before the event was supposed to start. I got to the building and walked around. It was in Columbus Circle so I considered taking a quick stroll through Central Park but Rob was on his way to meet me so I didn’t have the chance. We walked by the shops for a little bit and killed enough time to arrive at the event around the start time.

This was held at 10 on the Park which is this swanky little place near or in the Time Warner building. The whole floor was decked out with the Collective logo, but in a classy way, not like with a bunch of stickers or something. I enjoyed a handful of appetizers and did not enjoy a few others while talking with Rob, our reps at Collective and a few other people. My one complaint was that the panel didn’t start up right away. We got there at 6:30 but the panel didn’t start until 8. What am I supposed to do for an hour and a half? Network? I can only eat so many appetizers!

The panel started just after I tried to eat this appetizer that consisted of spiced beef in a little tortilla shell and broke the tortilla, sending the beef everywhere including into my soda. Mmmm…beef soda. It was actually a really interesting panel discussion about the future of display advertising. I don’t talk much about it here, but the Internet ad space is an ever changing, Wild West-like area where success metrics are constantly evolving but still not completely where everyone wants them. There’s really no “ratings” in the online world like there are for radio and TV. The discussion talked about how the space is changing and where the panelists thought it would go.

After the discussion wrapped up around 9, Rob and I chatted with some reps for a little while. The waiters were walking around with these tiny muffin-like baked goods in a variety of flavors like mint chocolate chip and confetti. I must have eaten at least 10 of them. There were also cookies that could have doubled as coasters due to how hard they were.

After about an hour, I said my goodbyes and head home. I got back to the apartment around 11. On the way back I realized that even though I had seen Monica before and after I got home the day before and during the day, I actually missed her a lot. Yeah, that sounds totally cheesy and stuff, but hey, I’m marrying her for a reason, yo

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