I get up around 9 or so. After stumbling to the computer, I find a trollish comment left by a Mr. or Mrs. “nbs_totg” on my latest comic review. I’m amazed that every comic review I’ve posted has been met by these Internet trolls that fly by to leave an insult and then run away. Ever wonder why comic books aren’t seen as a serious medium? It’s probably because of it’s incredibly stupid fans that “defend” their favorite books/publishers/characters/authors by calling the other person “ghey” or a retard. Way to go. You’re the reason that I can’t hang out in comic book stores. I leave a somewhat civil reply (as I intend to do with any actual person that replies to any post) and leave it at that.

After a quick shower, Monica and I head to Stop & Shop. I make a quick detour to the bottle recycling machine where I’m stuck behind a crazy woman talking to the cart wrangler about people living on Mars. That’s great, lady, but can you speed it up a little bit and then talk about your sci-fi mumbo jumbo with the cart guy later? I’ve got ONE bottle here! Monica and I pick up a massive amount of groceries. My total comes to $100 on the nose. We then head back to the apartment.

I manage to get a parking spot on the street right in front of the apartment building so we don’t have to walk the two and a half blocks with all the groceries. We put everything away and then relax for a little while. I’m delighted to find that my troll from this morning returned and actually replied to my reply this time tossing in some homophobic comments pointing out that “[Marvel Editor in Chief] Joe Q’s dick is up [my] arse.” Thanks for your well thought out reply, sir. You’re really getting me to change my mind and really think about my review for Final Crisis. I’m sure I’ll find a totally new insight into the story now that you pointed out that I’m “braindead.” Thanks!

Monica watches some TV and I play some GTA IV before the NASCAR race starts up. I head into the bedroom and join Monica for the race around 2. As usual, things are a little slow at the beginning, so I busy myself online while Monica updates our wedding spreadsheet to help figure out how much everything’s going to cost us. It’s going to be a lot and it’s all for one day. I’m considering putting a Paypal Donation link up here. Help pay for our wedding! The James and Monica Wedding Fund.

We heat up some of our leftovers from Uno’s and chow down as the race winds down. Things pick up a bit with a gigantic crash with less than 10 laps left in the race. With that over, I go back to some GTA IV and Monica checks out some vendors online (stuff like DJs and photographers). I stop playing around 8 or 9 and hang out with Monica. We look at some more reception sites online for a little while but Monica wasn’t feeling too good so we just laid down for a little while. We get to bed a little early and I do some reading. I realize that I haven’t watched a DVD all weekend.

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