My junk food quest continued this past weekend. I had the opportunity to try out the Waffle Sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts. I was looking forward to this. It’s a sandwich with waffles for bread! This cannot go wrong. I had my doubts though. The McGriddle holds a special place in my heart, right next to the clogged arteries from eating said McGriddles. It is a damn near perfect breakfast sandwich so how can this newcomer fare against it?

The short answer is it didn’t. While the pictures in the commercials look great, the fact of the matter is that the Waffle Sandwich misses the boat. It’s got the basics of a breakfast sandwich in the eggs, cheese, and sausage (although I would have preferred bacon) and those are OK. I think that all fast food breakfast eggs and sausage are essentially the same. The “bread” part of the sandwich was what I was looking forward to. I love me some waffles. Unfortunately, the sandwich just felt like mush. Picture tossing an Eggo waffle into a toaster and taking it out before it’s finished. The result is a mushy waffle. That’s what happened here. I got some mushy waffles for bread. I was a little disappointed.

If they had toasted the waffles a bit longer, I would have enjoyed the sandwich a lot more. As it stands though, I don’t think I’ll get this sandwich again. The McGriddle remains king of the fast food breakfast sandwiches in my opinion, although I will accept any challenges.

The next item on my fast food agenda is the Double Down from KFC. I’ll be picking that up on Monday.

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