I have to admit that I haven’t been very active on the blog as of late. I blame this on a variety of things. Mostly it’s video games though. I went from using my PS3 for about 80% DVD / Blu-Ray viewing and 20% video games to at least 50 / 50. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with the trophies in each game that I’ve played so far. I fully understand that it’s a somewhat meaningless endeavor, but damn is it fun.

4170226645_c7af43ea8cIn other news, Dave & Jess came up to visit this week. They arrived Sunday night and left this morning. Yesterday Monica and I took off from work to go gallivanting around the city with them in search of various chocolates. While we walked around downtown NYC in search of pizza (which proved entirely too difficult given the abundance of pizzerias in every other part of the city), I spotted this awesome piece of graffiti. Yes, that’s the phrase “Rock N Roll Grandma” spray painted in crazy graffiti font on a door. What could possibly be the reason for that? Needless to say, this fascinated me. I immediately imagined some tough thug-like guy with his tag of “Rock N Roll Grandma.” Don’t you dare mess with that guy. Of course, we soon found that he was no match for Dick Chicken.

We ended up stopping at 5 or 6 chocolate and candy places. I picked up some strawberry candy at papabubble and then I found something truly special. We went to Vosges Haut Chocolat where I purchased Mo’s Bacon Bar. It’s a chocolate bar with bacon. Monica and I just tried it and it’s…interesting. There are pieces of bacon in the chocolate and I don’t think my tastebuds knew what to do. It’s a similar experience to when I had a deep fried Oreo only this is better because it has bacon.

More news and stuff later. It’s now less than a year before I’m going to be a married man. Monica and I are planning a New Year’s Eve party called “Fuck 2009.” And I got my car back and it’s still making some noise.

Also, we finally got a picture of Dave, Jess, Monica and myself, which we forgot to do when we went down to see them over the summer. Hooray!


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