With our wedding less than a year away, Monica has officially entered panic mode. Things need to be done. Bullets are flying and people are dying. We’ve got a lot of stuff already taken care of. She has her dress. We have a location, a DJ, and a photographer. Save-The-Dates have been sent out and Monica has designed the invitations. One of the big things is now up to me. We have to find an officiant, someone to marry us.

My initial thought, which popped into my head out of the blue one day, was to ask my friend and former college roommate, Tom to get ordained online and perform the ceremony. Knowing him, he would do it if we asked. Plus, he’d finish the ceremony by pronouncing us man and wife and then giving us a big hug. All fun. Unfortunately, this online ordainment didn’t sit well in the eyes of his minister. I respect his beliefs and I didn’t want to push the issue.

With this development, Monica has tasked me to find an officiant. I haven’t a clue as to where to look. We received some names from bridal shows and from our reception hall, but nothing that’s affordable or at least within reason. The ceremony is going to be a half hour. I don’t see why I have to pay someone $600 to do that, especially if they stay for dinner. That seems way too expensive. Monica is concerned because of the potential popularity of our wedding date (10/10/10) that officiants will be booked up well in advance. I’ve got some calls to make, but I feel like officiants could handle a few of these a day and be all set. We’ll see though.

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