usps1So for the past few weeks I’ve been having trouble with the mail. Regular mail seems to get through OK and make it into my locked mailbox downstairs. Packages though seem to be hit or miss. For the most part, anything that I receive that has any sort of tracking number gets here. Anything else is like a flip of a coin. Sometimes it shows up downstairs and then sometimes it just never arrives.

I wondered if I pissed off the mailman or something but I just think that they’re idiots. I’ve thought about it but after dealing with a variety of people over there I think that is the correct conclusion. Case in point. Last month Monica and I went on vacation. During this time, I filled out the correct form to put a hold on our mail. According to the form, beginning on the day we’d be leaving all of our mail would be held at the post office until we got back and went in to pick it up. Sounds logical right? Wrong. We got home and all of our mail was shoved in the mailbox, clearly not on hold at the post office. When Monica went to pick up the mail, we had two pieces of junk mail and that was it. Odd, huh?

During this same time frame, I had a DVD sent to me from SwapADVD. There was a tracking number with it and according to the website, a delivery was attempted while we were away (way to hold things!) and a notice was left. I didn’t get a notice so I called the post office. They told me they didn’t have anything but to call the Tarrytown post office. Why, I do not know. The Tarrytown post office told me to call the Sleepy Hollow post office. I gave up. A few days later I had to mail something. While I was at the post office, I asked the guy behind the counter if he could just check to see if I had any packages. Sure enough, he finds the package I was looking for. He handed it to me and said “Good thing you asked about it. Otherwise it would have been here for a long time.” Are you fucking kidding me?

So with all the trouble I’ve been having getting packages, I decided to get a PO Box. This way I’d have any packages shipped there and I’d pick them up each Saturday. I can’t really pick them up during the week because I have a day job with the same hours as the post office. I stopped by the post office and inquired about PO Boxes. The guy didn’t have any applications on hand but told me I can fill everything out online and they’d take care of it. I did so last Monday. On Thursday I got home from the city a little early and stopped in. The guy didn’t know what to do or how to give me a key or some other bullshit. He told me to come back tomorrow. I went in today and lo and behold, still no progress. I’m effectively paying for a PO Box that I cannot use right now. I’m going to try to call there on Monday (calling this particular post office is very hit or miss as half the time I get a busy signal) and see what’s up then.

With all the crap that I’ve had to deal with with the mail lately I honestly am not surprised that the postal service is looking to cut down delivery from six to five days a week. With the amount of stupid people they’ve got running around there it’s no surprise at all.

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